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  1. The Haven Bridge

    How about, "Fancy an early one Bob?" "Can't got a lift at 4:15" "Nah, tell them we have a problem and we will do it first thing tomorrow."
  2. Breydon Bridge Now Operational!

    This not a fanboy forum is it? Or is it beginning to turn into one? All opinions are equal as long as no one gets insulted. And no ones opinion is more equal than others. The big danger is forming a little gang of opinions that no one is allowed to comment on.
  3. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I'm sorry I did not think it was compulsory to read this thread. My mistake then. That's probably why you dislike the thread so much. A lot of people said much the same to me when I bought my westerly Longbow and taught myself how to sail. Really hard to hear them as I sail off into the big blue.
  4. Paloma Water Heater

    Why break a gas tight connection? No guarantee it would seal again. Turn water off, drain out as much as you can, leave tap open to provide room for expansion
  5. That Dredging Question?

    More birdwatchers, more people visit with knitted vests made out of shredded wheat, more they want to freeze The Broads in time and more the boating community gets pushed out.
  6. Shock Closure Of The Buck At Thorpe

    Guilty as charged. I don't mind a Tescos bar selection with a great meal cooked on board at a fraction of a night out in a pub. Spend more money on the boat then..
  7. Fire Extinguishers

    As an aside, who has a sight hole fitted in their engine compartment in order to inject fire suppression?
  8. Fair Regent - September 2017

    Sometimes you get an unresponsive throttle because some boat yards set tick over high so that the high power alternator can charge the batteries. Sitting at 750 revs won't do it. So you will notice tick over at about a thousand. Most pumps won't let you set it this high unless you adjust throttle lever stop and you end up getting a big dead zone on the lever. Trouble is this still Will push you through the water fairly briskly makes slow manoeuvres tricky.
  9. It's Doing My Noodle In..

    Was it a holiday park?
  10. It's Doing My Noodle In..

    But what was that place just before great yarmouth yacht station with the massively long moorings and has been deserted for years?
  11. I feel that if the EA have used sheet piling for flood defence then we should be able to rond there on the basis of we helped pay for it. Stick a fence a couple of meters behind for landowners benefit and everyone's a winner. Or am I being silly?
  12. Just a question, do the owners of the land pay for flood defence?
  13. Reporting Faults On Hire Boats

    For me it's the small things, the niggly things that get on my nerves. Last year I hired a top notch (so they said) boat that was full of minor faults. I used to work in a plant hire yard renting out some serious kit on a fast turn around as these things don't pay for themselves sitting unused. Each unit had a multi point check list that we ran through before cleaning and servicing. Everything from ease of filler cap opening to the catch on the document draw working. I'd expect this as a minimum.
  14. Slapping Noise On The Bow

    If it's a low wash hull its going to do that a lot especially wind over tide. Tide going out, fine. Coming in, noisy.
  15. Sailing Yachts Speed

    Had a great time once going past the turn off for oulton broad heading towards GY. I pass this sailie on the corner bits and he would fly past me on the straights rigging singing as he went. Effortlessly. Then I'd catch him on the tack for a corner. That's when I fell in love with the rag and stick ( no not Mrs cheesey )

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