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    Anything that gets me out, I shoot, fish, play lawn bowls in the summer, snooker in the winter.

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  1. Daddy Mouse

    Small Solar Powered Chargers

    Have a look on 12v planet lots of simple explanations
  2. Daddy Mouse

    Small Solar Powered Chargers

    With an output of 1.5W it won't put a lot of juice into your batteries. On a really sunny day you might get 0.08 amps so all day to put 1 amp into you batteries cloudy days a lot less.
  3. Daddy Mouse

    Ropes Come Loose

    It's broads edge marina, channl down to water and pump out where it joins the main river.
  4. Daddy Mouse

    Registration Numbers

    I think he must have been in the floating pontoon
  5. Daddy Mouse

    Registration Numbers

    Yes only with first registration. You can buy replacements from BA but he said they were £9 and I could not find them on the BA website. Now I have these I am glad I didn't. The ones that arrived will look much better.
  6. Daddy Mouse

    Registration Numbers

    I was crossing Barton broad at the weekend on the way to Irstead staithe for a quiet pint. Out if nowhere a broads ranger appears and chases me down. The boss asked me what have I done, I wasn't speeding or anything else wrong that I could think of. It turns out he couldn't read my reg numbers from wherever he was having a cup of tea. He was alright about it but suggested that mine were faded and that I should replace them. When I got back home on Sunday evening I found a supplier on the net. www.VinylLetteringOnline.uk So I ordered a 3 sets on Sunday evening. They arrived today look really good and simple to order if anyone needs any I would recommed.
  7. Daddy Mouse

    Working Out Tolls

    That looks correct and I am glad I dibnt have to add the extra 54 m2 to mine ?
  8. Daddy Mouse

    Electric Hook Up

    That depends on your power usage and the output from your solar panels. If they are large enough they will fully charge your batteries.
  9. Daddy Mouse

    Best Product For Mildew

    Sainsbury's stain remover (It's in a pink spray bottle) worked really well on the curtains in our boat that had mildew spots all over the lining material when we bought it last year. I used it as a last resort before buying new ones. The boss was not to happy I think she really wanted a new set.
  10. Daddy Mouse

    Boat Recovery Options

    I am thinking of using the Sutton staithe yard.
  11. Daddy Mouse

    Lion At Thurne

    One good thing abou the Lion is that there is a fair bit of mooring space in Thurne dyke.
  12. Daddy Mouse

    Looks A Nice Norfolk Weekend

    We had planned to get to the boat this weekend the forecast made us change to the following weekend.
  13. Daddy Mouse

    Solar Panals

    I put a 100w system from photonic universe on my boat last year. It was so simple. It took 2 hours max and it works a treat charging both batteries. The people I spoke to at photonic were really helpfull and delivery was on time.
  14. Daddy Mouse

    Birthday Trip

    Welcome in your own right.
  15. Daddy Mouse

    Broads Toll

    Broads toll is more than road tax and there are no pot holes to fix.

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