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    Anything that gets me out, I shoot, fish, play lawn bowls in the summer, snooker in the winter.

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  1. Dash Cameras

    I'm lucky with power for mine there is a 12v socket by the helm
  2. Dash Cameras

    Bought a nextbase 512 GW last night after reading the thread. Easy to set up and use in the car-------- now to try it going through horning on the boat.
  3. Newbie Boat Owners

    Hi lulu welcome to the forum. We bought our viking 24 about 3 months ago. I have since realised you always need a bigger better one. Especially since Londonrascal put a video of his new palace online and my wife saw it.
  4. Community Speed Watch

    I think that they can only send you a letter saying that you were doing a certain speed. I had one a few years back when I was 50 miles away from where they said I was speeding, wrote back and never heard a thing.
  5. Boat Curtains

    I have just done mine with Sainsbury's stain remover spray and the hottest wash. Got the black mould marks out of the liners really well. I had decided it was that or new curtains so I didn't mind if they were ruined in the process. My wife said it would not work, but I think she just wanted new ones.
  6. Hi and Welcome to the forum. I am sure you will find lots of advice on owning a woody on here.
  7. Longshore Herrings.

    Try the chippe in Stalham one of the best i have ever been to. Fish is absolutely beautiful.
  8. Folding Lightweight Boats

    I bought the VARIANE RT260. Whatever size you want I don't think you will find much better value.
  9. Folding Lightweight Boats

    Not folding but bought an inflatable kit from the link below about 6 months ago. One man can carry folds into a bag, comes with a fast 12v air pump. You can go from car to water in 20 min with ease. Very helpful if you call them. http://www.excel-inflatables.co.uk/index.php
  10. Winterising Engines

    That really is a bit of crud in the bottom of the tanks. I'm suprised you were not changing filters every day.
  11. Winterising Engines

    Are all of those Jerry cans just to keep them ticking over
  12. Longshore Herrings.

    Sardines and herrings belong to the samefamily of fish. You may hear it referred to as the herring family, but their scientific name is Clupeidae. Fully grown sardines and herringshave a milder flavor than their canned counterparts.
  13. Longshore Herrings.

    Fresh soft herrings roe the best taste ever, grilled on toast.
  14. Dash Cameras

    I have been thinking of getting one for the boat to capture some of the strange/ funny antics you see at the buisy spots.
  15. She looks to big at first glance. It's good for us novices to see what will go through.

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