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  2. Hi Neil, I have never owned a bike, but it was always in the family blood, my younger brother by 4 years has only just given up and my Uncle in New Zealand was searching for spare parts for his Honda Goldwing on the last two occasions when he last came to the UK, now in his late 80's he has given up riding and is trying his hand at car restorations. My guess is that Griff is drooling at that picture. Regards Alan
  3. Today
  4. I absolutely LOVED the Sprint RS. Lovely and very under estimated machine. I kept on badgering Laguna down in Maidstone to get their road test version out, and eventually, the salesman gave in and said "come back in half an hour and she`ll be ready". I WAS`NT disappointed. I had to keep the revs down because i was the first person to ride it, but even then, you could feel the low range torque. I always wanted one from then on, but they never lasted long, as they never really sold well, because people went more for the fully faired ST because of its better weather and wind protection. As for the "man maths", just do it, none of us are getting any younger, and as my dad always said, "you`re a long time dead".
  5. I wish we could go, but we can`t get a swap on Lightning.
  6. Oh you lucky beggar, I've been looking at those on the Triumph website trying to make the man maths work so I can (not) afford one! I quite fancied the red but that looks pretty beasty too, enjoy! Glad they have bought the name back, my Dad had a '59 5TA Speed Twin back in the 60's, looked a lovely bike. I almost had a Speed Triple, it was T595 Daytona with Renthal bars, the riding position used to cut me in half after about an hour or so, race rep seat tipping me forward and the bars pushing me back up! I also had a Sprint RS, cracking bike!
  7. Nice one Neil. I think now, with the purchase of Norfolk Lady, that my motorcycling days may sadly be over. I’ve hankered over another one for some time and have always found other things to spend the money on. Good luck with it - it looks pretty mean!
  8. NO, i HAVE`NT changed my screen name, but i have changed the bike. I`ve never had a Triumph Speedtriple (Brilliant machines that they are), but i have had a Daytona 955i, and a Street Cup which i still have, and still have (albeit under restoration) a Daytona 1000, mine being chassis no 538, one of the very first Hinckley built Triumph sports bikes. I traded the Street Cup for this beaty below. A Triumph 1200 Speed Twin. Aint she just damned pretty?. This is my actual bike, but i won`t be picking her up til next Saturday.
  9. Looking at pics like yours, you CAN go off people you know? . Karen and i wish all the fathers on here a very happy Fathers day. Karen and i got together relatively late in life, neither of us have been married or attached before, so no children, so there are two days every year we never get to celebrate, Mothers day and Fathers day. However, that means we`re never putting our hands in our pockets to finance a childs lifestyle, and can enjoy a few luxuries in life. Anyway, to all the Fathers on here, have a great day, and i hope your children treat you as you deserve.
  10. Father's day...well, the 'kids' outdid themselves this year! First they organised a Clarins hand and arm massage and pamper session for me yesterday. Today they have given me a gift of all of the Clarins oils, potions and hand creams used the day before along with Clarins shower foams, 5ml samples of all the latest fragrance releases and a 100 ml bottle of Montblanc Legend that I was missing from my collection. With promises of more gifts to come this afternoon I'm amazed they managed to organise and pay for all of this when they've been having a hard time getting their beagly heads around 'there's a kid stuck in the well' and paying for their own dog biscuits. It's no wonder they are tired and worn out! Thanks 'boys'!
  11. We use the Postwick to Wroxham section regularly and, whilst undoubtedy convenient, neither of us like using the road. Every roundabout seems to be different in layout and number of lanes . People drive too fast on the roundabouts and many of those travelling along the NDR seem to think they have right of way over drivers who are already on the roundabout but are turning off across their paths. We have had a number of "near misses" , none of which were our fault and it is only a matter of time before there is a very serious accident on that stretch of road. For my money, the roundabouts should be reduced in size and limited to 2 lanes - the same as the road itself. This would slow things down at the exits and make the driving experience safer and less of a free for all.
  12. I can think of a large percentage of the driving public that dont understand a solid line means yo cannot cross it, many cars go through the dartford tunnel in the right hand tunnel, then cross the solid line to exit at junction 31 (the solid line extends past junction 31) the number of accedents that happen here and shut at least one of the tunnels is legendary. before they took the toll booths away the signs said no exit at junction 31 for the right hand tunnel.
  13. The centre\lane markings alter to warn you. 127 A broken white line. This marks the centre of the road. When this line lengthens and the gaps shorten, it means that there is a hazard ahead.
  14. Thank you gorgeous Whilst impossible to embarrass me you keep trying darling, just know that I will get my revenge, and I wont have to make up stories about cookie monster PJ's or Simpsons socks and you know I'll do it Happy Father's Day everyone, now wheres that rum
  15. Sorry about that Griff, just come off nights myself but enjoying the morning with my little ones regardless.
  16. Bah Humbug - Not for me sadly, although I am of course a Dad and Grandad. I'm having to work the whole day - Not happy, this due to a mate of mine is currently in a Paris Hospital and one day this coming week needs collecting from wherever he lands on English soil. So I need a spare day available to collect him. Sigh, He would do the same for me of course Griff
  17. Looking like a wonderful day too , bliss
  18. A very Happy Father's Day to all you Dads on here. To my Jay especially, he's a fantastic Dad Not wanting to embarrass him or anything he will be lounging around today in his cookie monster Pjs and the Simpsons socks the kids got him Have a good one guys Grace
  19. stern fairleads and one of the fender mounts added
  20. I agree with what you say about the roundabouts being low. I also only use a short section from Postwick to the Coltishall Road. But on a couple of occasions I have found myself approaching one of the roundabout, probably Salhouse Road too fast. I do drive a high ground clearance SUV type of car.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Just got home,a great night.Two backing bands good young American girl 15 and a London family band.Then a warm up about half an hour.Lots of old stuff got the crowd going.Some new stuff and old stuff,a surprise they did about 4/5 Queen hits,which was good.We are going to see them again at the flicks on the 6 July. Now need to sort out another concert. Hope to see Ed and adele. Let's see .ONe of my old favourites sadly no longer with us,Pavarotti in the cinema
  23. The problem with these roundabouts (NDR) is they have been designed by people using logic and rules, in the everyday these things tend to go out the window. Most roundabouts follow the same design and 'feel' then there are larger multi-lane ones which tend to have road markings to aid navigating them and which lane to be in and so on, but on the NDR the design of the roundabouts is different. Firstly they look different. Some have countdown markers and 'Reduce Speed Now' signs warning of a Roundabout, yet others do not. Some have lit signs, and some do not. Some have 'first exit bypass lanes' and some do not... It means from one to the next there is not a flow, you get used to it with time, but not everyone is going to be a local and remember which one has what. The other issue is they are often three lanes, and those are actual lanes - but the number of times I see a car enter in the second lane and exit in the first or come round in lane three and while on the roundabout itself move over to lane two. What I have also found and is now normal - be it NDR or A47 etc, is if a sign gets hit that is that. It will not be replaced. Just off the A47 for Blofield, 3 signs have gone. NDR has various ones now missing on or close to the roundabouts, also the road markings have begun to wear thin - but of course they won't be re-painted until their time comes regardless of what state they are in, and this all goes to cause its own issues. I had to go over and over and over the NDR roundabouts in my driving lessons and learn an 'ultra safe' method to effectively postilion and indicate earlier to make anyone (like that Van in the video) clearly see my intentions to try and mitigate any surprise. I always indicate when leaving a roundabout to just make it easier for those behind or indeed those waiting to the join what I am about to do but the NDR is a funny old road where people do seem to get a bit confused. I have too but then just play safe either exit and get off and worry about returning around later and coming back, or if miss the turn carry on all the way round again rather than take a chance. That said, I came down to London and had to get round the M25 and M4. Then later A4 and the Westway - still loads better up in Norfolk but I do like the London style of driving, it is just the right side of chaos and as long as you play to the same rhythm it goes well, dither for a moment and it rapidly collapses.
  24. Hope you’re having a great time. :)
  25. On a dual carriageway both lanes can go straight across the roundabout its only a problem if the nearside side try`s to go right or the offside lane decides to go left, if there is a problem its with the lane markings giving a false impression years ago when there was no lane markings nobody seemed to have a problem. Fred
  26. At the 02 waiting to see Westlife. Just been to the shops here.Some good buys.
  27. Yes lots of lilly pads. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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