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  2. Andy - want positivity so read up on Hugh Pennington and then his statement yesterday and even you may feel a little more cheerful! And I am a nobody but I will guarantee that there have not been 50000 deaths from Covid19 on its own - sadly many would have occurred without it and you will not get away from the fact the nearly 1500 people die every day, many unavoidable but not all. And MB - you come back as I would welcome all outsiders back to Norfolk!!!
  3. We probably saw each other then! For tuition we sailed tan sailed Wayfarers. If it was tuition aboard a customer's boat then it ranged from the Silhouette upwards, an S&S 44 centre-board Yawl being the biggest that I taught aboard. At that time in life I had a BSA Bantam and an Austin A47, a Spitfire was beyond the means of a humble sailing instructor who was actively supporting the Anchor Bleu and otherwise saving every penny towards getting married. We ranged all around that harbour and up onto the Downs on that Bantam, halcyon days that neither of us forgot.
  4. We seem to be inundated with pigeons and collared doves this year and their repetitive constant call from 4.00 am is slowly driving us potty. (Where's Griff with his gun when you need him!!) This has got me wondering whether anyone knows whether our usual cuckoo visitor to Brundall has made it safely this year? Carole
  5. It's also worth remembering that virus transmission is a two way street. London having peaked earlier than the rest of the country now has one of the lower transmission rates. Would the Londoners want to go to Broadland where there is more chance of picking up the virus?
  6. Today
  7. 1. Give it time and it will all settle down. On the local talk sites people are scared. 2. As a mod on a plumbers forum where anything goes and I do mean anything including insults, we keep politics out of it full stop so I agree with you 3. Totally agree.
  8. I think we should vote for doubling the moderators wages (2x0 = 0) as for how we will be accepted once we start heading back, well some of the locals might not like it, while others will welcome the business and trade, i think we will have to accept that we wont be universally welcomed, and will just have to do the best we can not to do anything that will make the locals consider us a threat. if we treat the area as some have treated the seaside, leaving rubbish all over, we will of course be made unwelcome, respect is a two way thing.
  9. Whatever ones political bent the current situation is something no one could have been prepared for , hindsight is a wonderful thing and a very dangerous tool.
  10. At some point, hopefully in the not too distant future, the good people of Broadland are going to have to make a decision. Do they welcome out-of-towners like me for the sake of the local economy, or do we get the cold shoulder as some kind of protest in fear of the virus. That is why it's not either or, it's both and always has been. I, for one, would appreciate guidance on this, to know what to expect. I have always tried to support the local economy wherever I am and nothing previously encountered leads me to think there will be a problem but one or two previous comments make me think some people might have a problem. Incidentally the attempts to talk politics without being seen to be political have been entertaining to say the least. I wouldn't be a moderator on this forum at present for all the proverbial tea in China. Big thanks to them for their efforts. I think the 50,000 excess deaths needs to taken under advisement (And subsequently the 39,000+) if only because because of the number of times the way it is calculated has changed. It may be less, it may well be more. If you are quoting 10,000 unexplained deaths please bear in mind that around here GPs and others have expressed concern at the way casualties from cancer, copd, heart problems etc. have been recorded, or not. Every death is a tragedy but bear in mind that the original projection, which still stands, is that no, or little, action would result in 500,000 deaths. Guys and gals, give the politics a rest. Changing the leaders won't change the advice. I think anyone could make mistakes and I accept it is our right to moan when they do, just change the record, the needle is getting stuck.
  11. Four years or so in politics? C`mon give me a break!
  12. Perhaps you should think back four years or so .....
  13. Now you`ve got well confused, I though you were bemoaning the fact that you didn`t have the opportunity to vote for one man in a postion which has never required a public vote.
  14. thanks pal, going to be a long slog to get through this. I also think many a pub will go under, many will play the system and just come back like nothing has happened without recourse but that is life. cheers! to fighting the good fight!
  15. Wasn`t it Lady T who said If only people knew!
  16. cannot comment on councils overall job but frustrating thing was we only had the scrutiny because of positive press coverage whereas a lot of other venues have done what they wanted and got away with it. we have provided toilet facilities since the council ones are shut and also offered up extra bins for people visiting as the council ones are inadequate.
  17. Yes minister comes to mind. Colin
  18. Because they work 'behind the scenes' and are not demonstrably political !
  19. nope afraid not. the rules state ALL food and drink must be consumed OFF the premises. so that should be stopping every pub from allowing it. People can choose to sit in fields and on land nearby but we are not allowed to provide any seating or facilities on those areas. I have heard all sorts of crazy ideas of leasing and sub letting land and furniture to get around this. Its madness. This way or working isn't ideal but certainly better than nothing.
  20. We have never had the opportunity to vote for the many civil servants, advisers and researchers that work behinds the scene so why now.
  21. Well, Total number of COVID-19 associated UK deaths 39,369 Deaths of people who have had a positive test result confirmed by a Public Health or NHS laboratory https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/ So what is killing the other 10k+ ?
  22. For the last six months the UK has had around 50,000 more deaths than it has had on average during the last 5 years. That is not total deaths, it's extra above the average. What do you think is killing them?
  23. I have very happy memories of East Head from the summer of 68. Whether I sailed down from Itchenor or took my Spitfire onto the private West Wittering Estate and walked over The Spit. West Sussex was a beautiful place back then.
  24. Remember when a sole trader retired and the company I worked for at the time took over his patch, now he was using a battered Mazda 626 estate (i think) and I had a tidy 3yr old VW Caddy. Well, one day I turned up for a job at a rather posh house and the owner commented on the van and the quote for the works with a snide comment about somebody has to pay for my nice van! Guess you can`t please everybody.
  25. Good morning, I do apologise for giving my opinion and stiring up such passion on here I didn't mean to upset anyone. I also didn't see it as political, I saw it as my opinion on the handling of Corona Virus ( the name in this thread ). It would be a boring forum if we all agreed wouldn't it ? surely the whole idea of a forum is debate, opinion & banter ? Anyway I sincerely apologise to anyone offended. Just for the record I am a lifelong Conservative voter, that doesn't mean I've changed my opinion that they have dealt with this crisis appallingly.
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