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  2. We've looked at quite a few boats now (see https://forum.norfolkbroadsnetwork.com/topic/16610-semi-liveaboard) and one question I have is about changing the boats name. Well more than one actually How? By this I mean the procedure, not physically marking the new name on her. When? OK we've paid our money, the boat is ours. We now need to get it from wherever we bought it to our chosen moorings so we need insurance, breakdown cover and to pay the toll. At what point is the name changed? Basically I'm asking for a 'Dummies' guide
  3. The last time I looked the club had appealed for £500 pounds and have so far generated.... £87,000 including £10,000 from Sir Rod Stewart .(who has 2 model railways 1 in the USA and 1 in the UK), £5000 from https://www.miniatur-wunderland.com/ many other clubs, modellers and widows of Modellers. The Club now have a major headache sorting out the distribution of money,. Many clubs like ours Broadland Model Railway club have contributed. Although most clubs are run on a shoestring, Half the profits from our own show at Aylsham go to the Aylsham ladies (Formerly Aylsham British Legion ladies section) who run the tea bar for us at the show and that gets distributed to charity. Shows themsleves are reducing partly because halls are getting more expensive to hire. Our own Show at Aylsham in October, couldn't go on without the sponsorship of the Bure Valley Railway which effectively pays for the hall. Also partly because of ageing membership, clubs are struggling. This year the Waveny and District Model railway club have had to cancel their well regarded show at st Felix Schoolo after 30 years running, because the club members consider themselves no longer up to the task . This is why we have our own open day at Hoveton on Sunday, it's to try to gain more members. There is a lot of effort in running a show, BMRC is already looking at layouts for the 2021 show and we haven't had 2019s show yet (it's on the 5th of October). The Show committee have to chose a selection of layouts from childrens Thomas come and play, to fine scale modelling, from micro layouts to very large and try to get a good balance of styles. Qualified First Aiders, Pat testing, layout recruiment, Tea Bar, electrical supplies. all need sorting. The Night before our show we clear 100 chairs and a stage from the hall, mark out the floor plan for each layout and traders place, providing tables and chairs as required. Our own layouts, any local traders and visiting layouts may chose to come in with the last being around 20:00. Then the morning of the show, it's all hands to getting the rest of the traders and layouts in from 07:00 till opening at 10:00. 16 :00 close of show. Help all the layouts and traders out, remove all the markers from the floor and electrical supplies. Hoover up, relay all the chairs and stage. Take our own layouts, tables and equipment back to the MRC. During the next week, clear the "wreakage" from the club floor where everything has been dumped. De brief meeting.. Start planning on the next years show,... and get on with some modelling..
  4. I see the perceived "revenge value" of that FTM, but sentimental value is something that one develops over the years. Youngsters have little or no understanding of it. To hit their "Oh no, that's not fair" button will take the removal of something they really value. Access to facebook, twitter and the rest of the mobile social network, seems to me to be the one thing treasured by the vandal age group. Closing down and deleting the history of their accounts might work if my "invention" is unviable
  5. Nice tips Stumpy, especially the gloves as I remember the cheap polyprop last time. Many thanks.
  6. Thanks Jeff, I didn't realise there was a calendar so that's great.
  7. Best way would be for all the perpetrators worldly goods, laid out on a long length of steel girder. The owner of the goods wrecked by the perpetrator then appears, with a big hammer and then smashes the worldly goods to smithereens.
  8. Very sad news, he was a real fighter and a great mentor to Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes.
  9. Today
  10. Sad news, Lauda was totaly focused on his goals a real aspriational figure.
  11. We need a GROAN button...
  12. Ooooh look... ... A "Bow and arrow" ^
  13. A keel resists in the water side ways push of the air against the sails . I won't go further than that as the maths of it are frightening to me.. Note you almost never sail with the sails dead on the centre line, just with the back end of the sail out away from the wind a little. Getting that angle right gives you the forward propulsion when close hauled. "CLOSE HAULED" with the sail as near to the centre of the boat as possible while still sailing forward.. This is the most used position of sails on a river when sailing into the wind, If the wind is straight down the river towards you. You gradually get pushed towards one bank as you go forward. This is where the skill comes in. Getting the angle of the sail, and the boat right for best progress against the wind. If you hold on to that too long, you either end up stalling the boat with the sail flapping about over fore and aft, because you've tried to avoid hitting the bank with boat side or keel depending on depth. OR you hit the bank. both of which may cause damage but will stop your forward progression. A good sailer will judge it correctly and tack (TACK= wind passing through dead ahead to the other side of the boat) just before either stalling or hitting the bank occurs. At this point you confuse the mafi's by crossing the river in front of them..and then you do the same when you get to the other side of the river. If the wind is not dead ahead, then the mainsail can be further out allowing you to sail straight down the river, however you are continually adjusting the sail and rudder to maintain speed as the Wind angle changes, as the river bends and to avoid other boats who may have right of way over you. You may have to Gybe, Gybe is the wind changing from one side to the other across the back of the boat as you change direction. This can be quite hair raising , as the boom may swing violently from one side to the other with a crash..don't get your head in the way of it occuring.. And finally. now I've bored you to tears, may I suggest coming to our Next open day at Horning Sailing club which will be early May next year, probably in conjunction with the Horning Boat Show. The club will take you out for free, on an experience sail of half an hour ish up and down the river..
  14. It's such sad news, he really was a true racing legend
  15. Welcome Simon, you post your questions I'm sure somebody on here will have the answers, happy boating
  16. Sadly Nikki Lauda has passed away.A true great of F1.After he's terrible accident he was back in a car just six weeks later.Even when he stopped racing always seen at races most recently with Mercedes.My thoughts are with he's family and friends. RIP Nikki
  17. I had a feeling this would be an interesting subject... especially to the uninitiated like me. Thanks again
  18. But ideally you realy want something a lot smoother like these,, the numbers being the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (American ) who ran lots of aero dynamic tests to produce the best shapes. NACA 0012 being the general use best shape for boats according to most authorities. 12 being 12% thick compare to the fore and aft length. The top one on this drawing being NACA 10
  19. Sounds like a good punishment although I fear that for every clever electronic device there is someone with an even cleverer hack to sell. I would like to see as part of any sentence some lessons in simple empathy. Whether it's mindless vandalism or serious assault the perpetrators seem to have no connection or care about how their victims are affected, often for the rest of their lives.
  20. Dinghies often have a drop keel but without the bulb on the bottom. as they are proportionately smaller and can lift their keel easily to remove weed or clear and obstruction. Hydrodynamics, they should be like a double sided Aircraft wing, as aircraft have wings hold you up, where boat keels produce forward motion against water on both tacks. these are from an explanation on keel shapes for dinghy drop keels 1 being the worst shape, 4 being the best of those shown.
  21. That seems a good design, makes sense and I can see the problem with the drop keel!
  22. Here is an image of a modern drop keel, totally unsuitable for the broads too deep and weed would catch round the bulb .
  23. Here is one version of a swing keel, they have the advantage if you hit something they swing up without damage.
  24. That's interesting because it never occurred to me that there would be different designs for different waterways!
  25. Not what I imagined at all! Thanks JM
  26. A fixed keel on most broads boats looks something like this.. note Broad boats "fin Keels " tend to be longer fore and aft and shorter vertically due the the need to keep them less than about 3ft 6 inches.
  27. I didn't want to hijack "The Q'"s thread regarding model railways, so have started this one. Those that have read that thread will be aware of a really bad occurrence of vandalism, and I have plagiarized one of the responses as the title here. The question I'd like to put to you dear reader, is what punishment actually fits the crime, and do any members have any ideas fore new punishments that are, in particular, appropriate for the younger generation. One reason I ask this is that I have an idea, dependent on modern technology. Would it be possible to develop a transmitter that has a range of no more than 12 inches that blocks the radio waves from (or to) cordless devices. This device to be worn as a bracelet like a watch. It's purpose would be to remove the ability to use mobile phones. The only internet available to them would then only be corded internet computers.
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