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  1. the calendar seems to be full of members birthdays and nowt else,
  2. Whats going on. a prime site like this and the fleet keeps reducing, used to be 20+ last year 8,now on webcam only 6. time to give up the lease and let it become part of the yacht station?
  3. not been to white horse for years, sounds good to me
  4. some nasty person sent me a letter last October for not displaying my toll plaques.the boat was in the wetshed and has the plaques and reg numbers hanging from pulpit rail, been there all season, specsavers comes to mind.
  5. look out for chameleon john, thu 2nd to mon 6th
  6. mine didn't arrive but, I agree with strow, pay online march 31st
  7. more likely gibberish grace, pretending to be a geordie when he's really an expat SMOGGIE BTW tim ,would not deprive uncle albert of his zimmer frame he needs it to bash you with and the captains hat and flag are better suited to the skipper of RT.
  8. john you know me you came to crowle to look at some pushpit rails,just to remind you look at my avatar
  9. think i might try newark bill, may see you there
  10. brings back happy memories reading this, how about having to feed 25 people at once, (dads and lads camp) with seconds, 5 frying pans and a small caravan oven helped
  11. cant have both worlds blonde and certified idiot
  12. only one comment Grace, if that is his attitude HE IS NOT A TRUE FRIEND ,certainly not one i would ride with.sounds as though he needs to grow up I cover 20,000 miles a year and see lots of this idiocy, my biggest customer is a vehicle salvage company, they take in accident damaged cars, their throughput is 30,000 cars a week, when you see some of them it is frightening.
  13. certainly not a forklift,looks like it operates a push pull system through the tubes either side in pic 1.
  14. we wont hold that against you maurice, i lived at winterton for many years, now live in crowle, used to work at elsham, satellite depot for kimberley clark
  15. same as golden emblem john look here;-http://www.broads.org.uk/wiki/index.php5?title=Boat_Details&BoatId=2316&BoatHistory=29707
  16. how about a vesta from landamores?
  17. charlie, I'm with green flag, now back in Sept I trashed my car on the way to Westbury (my fault) called green flag,no recovery vehicle available so the breakdown van actually towed the car from Warwick to Westbury 88 Miles, no extra charge for mileage ,might be worth a look
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