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  1. What would I like to do? Take WR across Great Hoveton Broad - unfortunately that is not achievable! Otherwise I would like to canoe down from Aylsham to Coltishall and Bungay to Geldeston or even the little bit of the Yare up to Trowse - those are all achievable but I would prefer to be a bit younger
  2. https://awards.classicboat.co.uk/classic-boat-awards-2019-winners/ Scroll down and you will see that Countess of Light's restoration won last night! Personally thrilled as she is the big sister of WR. Well done Paul and Heidi! Liz
  3. It was noticed back in November when we downloaded the waypoints from our recent holiday in India - suddenly all the dates had reverted to 1999!
  4. I mentioned this topic to my husband this afternoon. He now knows why the date on our GPS keeps reverting to 1999 - a few months back he spent a long time wondering why!!!!
  5. I haven't got the time to answer this is detail until next week. As some will know WR was hired out through Little Ships for several years. They moved to France last August and gave me about 6 weeks notice - since then a lot of hard thinking and different options and counting up the bills, etc, and the answer is now NO and not skippered day trips either, that was even more expensive in some respects! Have no idea how I am going to continue paying the bills but...........there are a few possibilities.
  6. Are you sometimes moored on the Lea near Ware? Saw two ex Broads boats on a walk at the beginning of the year both with old reg numbers visible. Was one you? Liz
  7. It's been discussed on FB but Roland who many will know from Horning village marina and Southgates lost his fight against cancer last night. Those who live in Horning will miss seeing him on the river. A sad day for Horning Liz
  8. w-album


    The EE/orange reception at Horning has improved to the extent I could make a phone call indoors occasionally last year!!
  9. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/earth/earthnews/3337559/Plan-to-allow-sea-to-flood-Norfolk-villages.html This might be several years old but never the less its still on the cards!
  10. Trust they are slimming world friendly. Oops think not but oh yum
  11. That's an insult to Barton Broad!!! Many moons ago in a different life, I worked on the Walk dead opposite the Market. It was great fun watching the hustle and bustle of all the different stalls. We would have Mr Smelly's name emblazoned on all the bin lorries in Norwich and they would be there picking up the rubbish. I remember it being rebuilt in the 1970s and it was strange seeing an empty space as well as a few rats as they demolished the stalls! The building I worked is as you can guess is now a coffee shop, but I went in there once and the loos, were still in the same place on the second floor almost unchanged!
  12. I commeserate (not 100% I've spelt correctly). May find out on Monday this year's 'damage' - not funny. Happy X to you all and Boris and Monty
  13. I think Jayfire has said all that can be said - my thoughts will be there tomorrow
  14. Now that is a pub that doesn't get mentioned very often - has Mr and Mrs N been there?
  15. And in the meantime with this horrendous loss you carry on posting important broadland news. Deepest respect!
  16. Likewise to above. Words sound good but life is so seriously hard. Seriously sad.
  17. I can only echo what everyone else has said! A great loss.
  18. Robin is probably recovering from Lads week and hair dryers are the best way to defrost freezers!!
  19. A few weeks ago I found a boat on Airb&b advertised as camping on water moored at Hickling
  20. Time for me to comment. My experience relates only to that from Thorpe to the Wroxham Road and for someone that is pretty used to some pretty nasty roundabouts in Hertfordshire and north London, I find the roundabout at the Wroxham Road horrible! Ways to improve would be to give those going left a dedicated detached lane continuing into its own lane rather than needing to filter in/give way when joining the distributor road / Wroxham Road. (does that make sense). They have done it at other junctions so why not here. Because the roundabout is so wide, many vehicles are able to come round at the same time and since they rarely indicate, you end up waiting far longer than is needed just to be safe. Alternatively, you take a risk............... Lets hope something is done and soon! Liz
  21. Including in the background the original swing bridge?
  22. Wishing you all well including Boris and Monty - L and WR
  23. My brother will be sad to hear this. Shruff has been lengthened and sailed with a bowsprit and was in recent years usually seen sailing with Green Wyverns. My brother owns Mayfly 1 which he tendered with loving care since the early 70s.
  24. I am absolutely close to being positive that Mark didn't buy Ladybird until the early 1970s. We moved there end 1970 and I remember him buying Ladybird when Herbert Woods sold her out of the hire fleet at about the same time that Smuggler was also sold and that would have then been 1971 at the earliest
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