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  1. Please add River Song. Sonia & Simon. + dogs Dylan & Red. CINC & Saturday night. looking forward to catching up with old friends and new!
  2. Mirage

    Ice On The Ant

    Just made that trip and there was no ice today. Like the picture BTW CambridgeCaddy
  3. Mirage

    Ice On The Ant

    Has anyone seen evidence of ice on the Ant between Barton and Richardsons this week?
  4. Mirage

    What Would You Come Back As?

    I have a theory - once we pass through those gates, we will all become our pets and will be unable to communicate - just like they are with us right now! The pets however will be able to talk to each other and us, and thus able to remonstrate with the humans - for example the dog might simply ask the human "why did you make me wait so long to go out?" or worse still "why did you hit me on the head with the TV remote, when your other half turned over the channel from the football while you were out of the room?" I'm sure many of our pet owning members will live in dread of what the pets might reveal about us in front of our spouses & partners. Things we might have said or done without the knowledge of the other! This should keep us fighting to stay on this earth as long as possible! Otherwise the repercussions from SWMBO are barely worth thinking about!
  5. Mirage

    Goodbye Broadscot

    I only met Iain once, when we set up a crossing at the famous yellow post! That was many years ago now and typically he got the timing coming from the south absolutely spot on. We have communicated many times since, but I regret I never got the chance to shake his hand... RIP Iain ......
  6. Mirage


    Our Renaissance 35 RIVER SONG (see avatar) has Falcon on the main dash panel and according to the owners manual was signed off by Graham, now of Ferry Marina fame. She's a beauty There is a reference to Stelco as the builders in 2002. She has the ultra smooth 5 cylinder Nanni engine with thrusters bow & stern. Lovely cruising.
  7. Mirage

    Ferry Inn Horning

  8. Mirage

    Ferry Inn Horning

    We came past last weekend approaching from the New inn towards The Ferry Inn and, without warning, out from amongst the stern on moored boats comes a "ferry" in full astern. I give a toot on the horn to make him aware of our near impending collision and receive a mouthful of abuse telling me the whole incident was my fault as apparently he "the Ferry master" had complete right of way! Sometimes it beggars belief what these chaps think they can get away with!
  9. Mirage

    Riyadhcrew Onboard

    Hope you booked a dinghy too
  10. Regret we will not now be able to make this CINC. Have amended the main document. Robin please update. Have fun everyone
  11. Mirage

    Dodgy Toll Plaques

    When I read this, I had to check that today wasn't April 1st!
  12. Mirage

    Window Sucky Cleaners

    The Karcher is brilliant. We use it on the boat, caravan and at home. As well as being effective - its so quick. Also use it on the outside of the boat in the mornings to clear off the morning dew and on the outside of all windows. If you only have the large blade version, you can buy the small blade as an accessory online from Amazon or EBay. Lots of friends have bought one after seeing ours in use. Can't speak highly enough of this item [and NO i'm not on commission!!!]
  13. Mirage


    Just renewed our 55 plate mini cooper fully comp with Saga for £96.36 fully comp. Sonia only does around 4K miles a year but just loves her car! Our previous insurer Chaucer wanted £141 which I thought wasn't too bad, but just thought I'd look around and Blimey.... what a saving on money supermarket site!
  14. Robin I've added River Song to the list of boats on your spec sheet. Let me know if we need to do anything else? BTW we do have VHF certification. Looking forward to a couple of days at sea! Simon

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