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Dog Friendly?


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Following a recent cold, windy and wet Easter holiday spent on the boat with our daughter and her dog, I was surprised to experience first hand how many Broads attractions, including nature trails and hostelries do not allow dogs. I know that those who own or manage these establishments are fully entitled to set whatever admission policy they want, but given that a significant proportion of visitors are likely to be dog owners, this seems to strange me and more than a little shortsighted. 




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It's strange how views and approaches differ on this issue... We have enjoyed a very good meal at The Ship (South Walsham) some time ago and were invited to bring the dogs in, and have them under the table! We took them outside when we were concerned they were becoming bored and might disturb other diners.  I am not sure whether they allow this now... Trouble is, not all dogs a re as little and delightfully behaved as mine  :angel:

At other pubs by the water, we have not been allowed to go further than the outside tables with them... Personally, I don't object to that - I don't really feel dogs belong in eateries...

As far as trails go, it depends on the nature (excuse pun) of the trail. Clearly, sometimes, the presence of dogs could be very disturbing to the widlife.  I note that Wroxham Barns allow dogs further in than they used to - at one time, they couldn't go beyond the car park area...


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Well behaved dogs are also welcome at the Wayford Inn.

1 hour ago, JonC said:

Surprised you had problems at pubs, but nature trails or nature reserves dogs can cause issues. 

Ah you see Jon, they don't like dogs on Broadland Nature Trails or Reserves because...they would be the only creature in the place and detract from the observation of...nowt really? :shocked

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I can't see the problem with dogs on so-called nature trails, providing they are kept on the lead and any mess is picked up.  Likewise, I don't see a problem with being asked to leave any establishment if my dogs or kids are causing a problem for other customers.




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Let's be basic, folks.

We have all heard of farmers prosecuting dog owners (successfully) for the "worrying" of livestock. In any area of preserved wildlife habitat the mere presence of a dog, especially of a hunting breed (which most originally are) will scare the poop out of anything else that might be in there.

We all want to hear bitterns booming in the marshes, don't we?

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