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Passing Under Vauxhall Bridge Question


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Hi there, hello to everyone, my first post on here, new to this forum but not new to the broads, but need help with this:

I am hiring a boat with a 6ft 9' airdraft later this year.


Due to the unfavourable tide times I have to make my passage northwards with a slackwater time at Yarmouth of 500am or 530pm.


My question to you people is how many hours after slackwater will I safely pass under Vauxhall bridge? Will it still be safe to pass through at 730am or am I taking to much of a risk?


Sorry if this has been raised before but I cannot see  a post that is quiet relevant to mine.


Thankyou for your comments,



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I believe that the height under both bridges is around the seven feet mark at average high water.

I would have thought a couple of hours after slack water should be OK but best to check the gauges carefully on the approach just to be on the safe side. Approaching from the South is easier in some ways as you can moor at Berney Arms or Goodchilds which only leaves around 4 miles to travel before Yarmouth. The other way round it is about seven miles from the nearest safe mooring.

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Hello  Al (yorkshireowl), 

Welcome to the the NBN forum. at 6 foot 9 inches you can go through the bridges at any time, as already stated just calculate times that will aid your passage under the bridges to reduce your fuel consumption.

Please tell us a little about yourself and your boating.



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Many thanks to all who replied, a very warm welcome, much appreciated.

We generally visit Norfolk a couple of times a year, once maybe staying in a hotel and the other time on a boat for the week in summer.

Favourite part of England is Norfolk, we came 2 weeks ago and hired dayboats from Potter upto Hicking and then next day from Hoveton upto Belaugh.

I have been viewing this forum for quite sometime but never joined due to joining another Norfolk broads forum a few years ago where I posted a comment and got a couple of abrupt replies.

Thanks once again, I will stay with this and keep posting.


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Welcome to the Forumcheers.

At 6'9" you have little to worry about, but better slightly late as you get a push from the incoming tide.

My expirience tells me to be a bit late (1/2hr or so) when crossing south to north as I've always found the Bure late turning at Yarmouth Y. S. Often I've been doing 4.5 mph on the last bit before Breydon Bridge fighting the incoming tide only to turn up the Bure and fight an out going tide which is still going out at quite a lick and has slowed me to 0.5mph!!! (not with my present boat:rolleyes:). North to South is usually fine on time or a bit late. 

So go for it, but I'd check with a phone call to the Rangers at Yarmouth Y.S. The day before to do a final check.

Photo is of someone who didn't time it right for their high air draft boat, high water springs!!! But they just had to wait awhile, no problem really.



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Help Yorkshire , and welcome to the best forum on the net.

My limited knowledge tells me you will be fine 2 hours after slack water , but it appears you know the drill.. Know your height, know how to read the bridge gauge, get both these right and you will be fine I'm sure.

lets us know how you get on !!


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:welcome: from me too!

Breydon is the best bit of the broads. Sadly this year, for the first time ever we stayed north.. it did feel strange but relaxing, I think we will be going south for our next week in september though..

Have a good trip. As others have said at that air draft you wont need to worry about the bridges but you will save a lot of fuel if you still did the trip at slack water. 


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Hi all,

Many thanks for the further replies. Few weeks to go, hopefully the weather will change for the better. One of our trips was August 2012 and we had a heatwave with temperatures high 80s nearly all week. If you're lucky with the weather there really is no better place in the world than a week aboard a boat on the broads! 

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