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Back To The Drawing Board....


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Still laughing here. I thought my inflatable canoe would be more stable with a bottom board to spread the sagging on getting in and out. Think air bed here. 

So we made one, and I tried it.

Er no .... it magnified the instability, result, unscheduled swim... Lol

Still  it's a nice day and the clothes will soon dry.....

Back to the drawing board....


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General advice as it's not clear what's going on (pictures or better videos would help as well as amuse):

1. Inflate to a high enough pressure that the boat moves as one rather than several bits wobbling in several directions - especially the main side tubes

2. Sit upright or leaning slightly forwards so that your hips can let the boat roll while your torso remains upright  

3. If you feel a roll starting; slap the water surface in that direction with the paddle




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Now I have read th OP properly blow the sides up to a higher pressure or;

1. Make sure HWMBO is videoing this with the camera I bought him for the purpose this should also minimise any 'helpful' interventions

2. Put the presumably splinter free plank of whatever you used for the floorboard idea on the deck with about 1/3 overhanging

3. Place the cannoe directly on top of the plank so that the bow points out over the water and the seat is on top of the plank

4. Sit in it, holding the paddle

5. Lean forwards...


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  • Sides correctly inflated.
  • base fully inflated, although maybe it could take more...no gauge on that bit
  • Splinter free, check, :party:not that daft..... 
  • HWMBO was of material assistance getting out :shocked
  • If I put the ply down on the deck and the canoe on top....it's not  er... In the water?
  • Didn't get as far as sitting in the first place. Just turned turtle lol
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Alternatively, if you're going to buy an inflatable kayak, make it a Sea Eagle, which has an inflatable bottom board that once pumped up is as hard as a 3/4 inch thick plywood board.  I can stand up on mine, in the middle of Hickling Broad with the wind blowing and no fear ... and I weigh 17 stone!

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On reflection, I think the bottom board could take more pressure, unlike the side chambers it has no gauge, so 'for my next trick' I will inflate the bottom section more than currently and see how that mends matters. I was a bit wary of overdoing it.

Ohhh no high heels? That's a pity. :party:

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Sigh.... The multi chambered hull section of the inflatable canoe benefitted from greater air pressure and I concurred with Bobdog in his thinking that suitable footwear was preferable.

What tablets are those you got off t'internet JM? 


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