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Oh Dear... I Need The Geeks Again.


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Windows 10 is very good at telling me that my backup has failed, but bloody useless at saying why!

It would seem that I haven't successfully backed up my system since I loaded windows 10, and I'd really rather like to. It told me that the disk I want to copy to is not in the same format. I reformatted it. Then it told me that the disc was faulty, so I told it to copy to another disc. It told me that this new disc was not in the same format. I reformatted it. Then it told me that this second disc was faulty.

My pooty has four separate drives in it,

C, the normal system disc 500 gb.

D  (called Fixed02) also 500 gb but said to be 'faulty'.

E: (called Fixed03) again 500 gb second one to be called 'faulty'

F  (called Bigfixed) 1 tb Intended to be the backup disc for all the other computers.

The backup seems to think I'm on Windows 7 (which I used to be)

Any ideas or do you need more info?

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I ran across this problem with Windows 10 on a neighbor's computer. After some extensive pratting about I discovered that the pile of sH1tE that is Windows 10 uses gargantuan amounts of space and when it comes to using that space it's about as neat and tidy as my twenty something daughter. It shoves bits of crap all over the place. Being Windows 10 and designed by a stick insect called Dave for a generation who can only type using one thumb it shoves very small amounts of data onto random discs, forgets where it put it but when performing a back up suddenly discovered there was a bit of junk hiding at the back of the cupboard and it couldn't shut the door. The disc you are backing up to needs to be larger than the bumf you are backing up. But having wedged some crap on the disc Windows 10 then decided the disc was full, corrupt or any other how faulty.

Here's how I fixed it. I removed any mega, ultra important files, documents etc from the machine. Then defragged the thing. Then I immediately did a back up to one of my clean drives. I then wiped the machine and did a fresh install of Windows 10. Come time for the next backup I found Windows 10 had done exactly the same thing as before. So...I repeated the process, this time I installed Windows 7 along with 'Never 10' which blocks all of the Windows 10 upgrade crap. Result a clean, mean machine that can actually use software instead of Apps.

My advice MM is try a defrag then try to back up. Then get shut of Windows 10.



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That was my thoughts on the matter as well but I don't quite have the way with words that Timbo has.

I hate the way W10 downloads stuff without giving you the option.

By the way I don't think I could ever be confused with a stick insect and can type with more than just my thumbs so I'm not guilty here :facepalm:

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Gave up on Windows ages ago but I assume you are using Windows own backup software, I know it would mean changing your backup routine but have you thought about using an independent piece of backup software, afraid I can't recommend one because what I use is Mac only.

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I have about 100 Gb of data that needs to be backed up, spread over 3 computers, and I have about 3500 Gb spread over 8 hard drives within 2 of those computers, on which to do it.. I don't really think I need more space, I need some software that will copy using windows 10.. I also have some extra hard drives in removable caddies, though I find those to be unreliable.

Any advice for some copying software would be appreciated

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This one seems to get good reviews and offers a free trial


I've never used it myself as I use mac

I have used Genie timeline in the past which was pretty good as was NTI backup was also good 

like everything, you get what you pay for and the free versions don't have many customisable features

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15 GB is peanuts compared to what i just carry around for day to day use. I quickly realised that most memory sticks were not big enough, and nowadays everywhere I go, I have my trusty 500Gb external hard drive, I may have to get a bigger one as this only has about 25Gb free now.

On the home computers I have one that is running about 6 drives, 2Tb internal and another 1Tb external, this is equipped with a sata hot swap caddy into which spare hard drives are plugged in to access their data (that has about 5 swappable drives available) photos are backed up across 3 hard drives on 2 machines, and at any one time there are at least 4 machines running and available on the network (others can be fired up as required) I use macrium reflect to back up hard drives (and also for cloning new hard drives for my laptops when I change out the standard drives for solid state drives.) Toucan provides a good piece of software for backups and copying photos to backups (it can read through and just adds new files since the last time to the backup)

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I dabbled with a NAS drive thinking it would be ideal. It never quite lived up to expectation. Wireless access is very slow (slower the furher you are away from the router). It was very complex to set up and I never managed to tweek it, the software & router to allow remote access. I continue with external hard drives. I have used Macrium reflect (free version) to do backup's but it recently slowed my machine so much that I have stopped using it. I now use bvckup 2 (paid version) It back's up specific folders very efficiently but doesn't provide a restore everything solution without re-installing windows & programs.

However as windows benefits from a clean install periodically I am now happy to reinstall windows & programs and then recover my data from the bvckup backup files.

To ensure that your preferred backup solution will work create a dummy file, make sure your backup routine has run, delete the dummy file and try to restore it from your backup. If you can't then your backup routines may need a rethink.

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Uncle Albert's Laptop. 

Plenty of RAM..just ram stuff in the pockets. APPS include diary, calendar, notes, Good Pub Guide,Guide to all ailments a man can suffer, access to several good solicitors and many more. Three DRIVES with vouchers for RENTAWRECK, access your money instantly with the included CHECKBOOK and CREDIT CARD facility. Free boating holiday with voucher from BARNES BRINKCRAFT dated 1989. Guaranteed Windows 10 Free and although it's second hand technology like a Mac it will accept bits of paper from any source and not charge the earth for doing so. Infinitely expandable, never requires back up.


Bargains to be had!

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