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Wroxham Webcam


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The boat is not a 'Gin Palace' by any stretch of the imagination.

It's a  Stevens 1140 built about 1999 and yes it's a steely.

Most boats hitting it would come worse! They are nice everyday

folks like most of us and would be horrified to think that people

look at it as a  'Gin Palace'. They moor there for the view so hence

the amount of fenders.

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Just looked at the website for the Heisence M3000 spec ( don't know what model you have ) but it does list it as having a web browser.

another option would be to mirror your iPad on tv by using a hdmi adaptor & lead  (we do this on a boat for movies) or a more expensive option is an Apple TV box

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What is a minimum  amount one should have on your vessel ? At the moment I have 3 per side and 1 on each stern corner.

This is really personal preference - most people would just have the number of fenders that there are eyes for then a couple of spare for those 'just in case moments'.

Of course some craft don't have fender eyes so the answer is what you feel is adequate to protect your boat. It does seem on the Broads though more is better.

I think if I moored opposite a particular popular mooring with new boaters (like Barnes Brinkcraft) my way to afford extra protection from wayward first timers is to use fender boards - which spread the protection afforded by fenders along the hull. See image:

Fender Board.png

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" I read the instruction manual "

I've renamed that to " When all else fails book "

Just tried on 5 year Sony and no joy but i have hdmi from laptop on extended screen .

Thought I'd try going via BB web page as well. But I have webcam on 'Edge' browers only thing it's good for.

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