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Sony Mobile Phones, For High Usage And O2 Coverage.


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I'm entering the last month of my existing contract with Vodafone and the wretched device Samsung call the S6. In the past I have always used Sony mobiles, but having been with Samsung for a couple of years am out of touch with the current models. I need a large screen so looking at the XA1 Ultra.

Are they still as reliable as they used to be, Elaine has one which is a similar age to my S6 which is still looking and working like new but she doesn't hammer it like I would. 

Also what is O2 coverage like around the broads, it is most likely I will move to giff-gaff (again, following Elaine's lead) which is carried on the O2 network.

Any input most welcome and much appreciated.

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I'm with Vodafone now but the coverage around my home is not good, plus there have been a number of "outages" recently, one of which lasted four days. I must have a reliable network at home as that is how my work contact me. If they can't get hold of me they'll pass my jobs on to someone else and I lose out. 

I looked at the Huawei, I know the brand from mifi dongles I've used in the past, but the screen is not big enough. Every inch matters (don't say a word Gracie!) . The XA Ultra has six which is the minimum. I'd like 7 inches really, but then you are into phablet territory and the only UK supported models are mega money. I don't think I'm brave enough to buy one from the US or Far Eastern market where they are much more common and much cheaper. 

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I had no trouble with O2 round the north side and it dropped onto three via the mifi if no signal. Since O2 have drop there app TuGo to get your calls over the internet I jumped ship and now have 2 BT sims with 6gig for £19 using the family sim deal saving £8 a month.

I may have had a fall out with BT helpline over the weekend having no 4g and wanting to charge £40 as I used 6 gig, plonkers hadn't sent the sent up to the sims so I couldn't have used it. I'm now £10 up this month with a sorry credit.

The new Sony phones have wifi calling built in but my Z3 is running sweet so why pay £500 for a new one. I could get a weeks hire for not much more.

Quick note - If your out of contract request your phone unlock code, O2 took 7 days to send mine and had to chase them.

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4 minutes ago, Siddy said:

why pay £500 for a new one. I could get a weeks hire for not much more.

Now that's my kind of thinking. Online reviews of the XA Ultra seem reasonable so I have ordered one from giff gaff, who supply unlocked phones which means I can use the last two months of my Vodafone contract which I was willing to burn, just to get rid of the abysmal Samsung phone. Once that contract has expired I will join giff gaff in February. 

I won't bother about the unlock code for my phone, I will have great pleasure is destroying it. I am taking great delight in what form that destruction shall take,current favourite is to draw a target on it and use it as a target to zero the sights on my Titan Manitou.

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I have a Sammy S5 which was works issue, that's only use as a means to play music via Amazon or from my music on my server running plex whilst down in my man shed. It also has progs for setting up smart devices and testing.

So it may have uses before you get it in the sights lol

I have the Weihrauch HW100 T or K nice and quite and thumb trigger to move mag round, trouble was I was loading the mags and Kaz was shooting up at the gun club.

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I thought I'd pop back and update this thread.

I ordered a new Sony XA-1 Ultra from Giff Gaff at 9.30 on Tuesday evening. The price was very reasonable, much less than Argos / Amazon et al. The phone arrived before 9:00 am next morning, quite impressive, especially in the run up to Christmas. First impressions are very promising. About the only thing that the phone doesn't seem to have which the Galaxy did is fingerprint recognition but I'm not too worried about that. The Xperia transfer app was very useful, moving everything from my old phone, apps, photos, videos, contacts, messages etc which is useful as I can no longer connect it via the USB port. 

So far, very impressed with the phone and the service from Giff Gaff

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