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  1. In fairness Speedtriple was asking a question not making a suggestion.
  2. And Beccles and some of those going into Norwich.
  3. Ditto - it is what it is.
  4. I don’t think I would want to be out in that! Did I see some nice new quay heading on the first video? Thanks for posting.
  5. I am not sure why you should think that Peter, your post is anything but trolling. You are absolutely right when you say social media has provided an outlet for nastiness, some can handle it sadly others cannot. We must all give support where we can.
  6. Spartacus is on ITV4 today at 6.15pm if there’s anyone who hasn’t seen it or wants to watch it again. What a cast other than the one and only Kirk Douglas - Tony Curtis, Jean Simmons, Laurence Olivier and Charles Laughton. Peter Ustinov and Herbert Lom too.
  7. Ditto - I was going to highlight that bit of Ian’s post and say similar. Sometimes it’s hard not to reply immediately, it does need discipline. I would go so far as to say that I think it is misunderstood by most. A lot of the bad and sad things that happen these days are put down to being a ‘mental health issue’ and that expression seems to cover everything they can’t blame on something else. Because of social media we are all much more aware of what happens elsewhere on our little planet, that is a good thing in so many ways but it also brings out the worst in some. I believe we are fortunate to be living in the social media age, look at the help that is available on the NB forums for beginners and experts alike and we are just a tiny, tiny part of it.
  8. That makes my BA booklet more useful in that respect then as it has tide tables and information for 365 days (366 for this coming year!) With all the info available now, plus you can always check by phone, there’s really no excuse for getting Breydon crossing times wrong!
  9. Went to download Aweigh and found I had already got the App. Doh!! How do you search for tide times for a date in the future? I couldn’t find any ‘search’ facility.
  10. Try Pye’s Mill at very low water! Ok up on the bank but a few times it’s been dire actually on the boat there. There are going to be places and times when one system will be better than another. Personally we like to have as much info as possible and that sometimes means something other than an App. Anyway, I’m off to look at Aweigh and possibly add it to our ‘armament’! 🙂
  11. I’m sure the App is great, I keep meaning to download it. Having the booklet to hand is very useful we find, if signals are poor paper can’t be beaten. (We use the Broads.org tide tables in conjunction with the booklet too.) We have one copy of the BA booklet on the boat and one at home for planning purposes - although not too much of that happens!
  12. You could also purchase the Broads Authorities tide table booklet for £1. Gives low and high tides, water depths, bridge heights, river distances and much more. I’m not sure how soon this season’s will be available, it may already be. A call to the BA will confirm.
  13. vanessan

    Road Works 2020

    I use Highways England on my smartphone. Covers all planned roadworks and incidents plus anticipated clearance times for the latter.
  14. Hit the nail on the head! My feelings exactly. When I look out of the galley window I like to see a riverbank of some kind not someone working in their galley or something worse. 🤭
  15. A fresh thread would seem a good idea, there are a number of questions that maybe Tom could answer with his BA hat on. There are many views put forward on dredging but seldom any hard facts supplied as to the ‘why’s and wherefore’s’.
  16. DTG Oulton Dyke, Hardley Mill, Womack Dyke, Fleet Dyke, Rockland Short Dyke and Langley Dyke. But then I like North Cove and Worlingham too! Anywhere there are good walks for the dogs I suppose but never at what I call stern-on ‘sardine’ moorings. (Apart from mooring for water, shopping etc.) As Cal said, it would be easier to list our least favourite moorings!!
  17. Can’t say for the Bridge Inn but don’t forget there are now BA 24 hour free moorings upstream of the bridge.
  18. Take a trip down the Bure, you’ll find Enchantress moored between Acle Bridge and Acle Dyke. Perhaps the owners may be open to an offer.............
  19. And a good gin menu too! We’ve never been disappointed at the Bridge and it does get some very good reviews.
  20. Same here, Wroxham Bridge then Postwick Viaduct. Seems a lot of us just can’t let go!
  21. TPTV is brilliant for old b&w movies (autocorrect changed that to B&Q which really would have caused a bit of head scratching!). It does make me smile when they now say at the start of virtually every film, this film may contain scenes of a distressing nature or which may offend. As if in the 40s something in a film would cause offence! I recorded a film recently you might appreciate grendel. Called A Canterbury Tale, it was a 1944 ww2 film and had some of the best shots of Canterbury I have seen.
  22. Sadly I think that’s very true. I was picking out some veggies in a supermarket when a fairly elderly gent barged in front of me and grabbed something. I muttered ‘manners maketh man’ to which a lady asked me to repeat what I had said to her husband. I did so and she then told me I shouldn’t have been standing there anyway! Manners cost nothing but I do think they make life a lot more pleasurable.
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