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  1. Cracking photos! Looking forward to more write-ups.
  2. How do you tell what is the ‘correct’ model? Or are you referring to the pre-lightning iPads?
  3. Hopefully this is it : https://www.apple.com/uk/shop/product/MJYT2ZM/A/lightning-to-sd-card-camera-reader The item posted earlier by OBB is a heck of a lot cheaper as long as it is ‘kosher’. Maybe someone uses one and can recommend it?
  4. If your camera has an SD card, you can get a simple device that transfers data from the card direct into an iPad, iPhone or iPod. I will try and find a link. I use one and it is very straightforward.
  5. Sometimes I think fish have more brains than hoomans!! 😏
  6. And I bet there’s a large cruiser moored at the restricted moorings too - the one that says ‘boats under 20ft’, there usually is!
  7. I hope all contributors to this thread will remember that and think carefully before posting. That includes posting for the sole purpose of ‘stirring’ the pot. IMHO we are very lucky that the BA is participating in this forum and BA posts should be treated with respect, as should all posts. Challenge posts if you must but I think we will all benefit if views, opinions and thoughts are kept polite and respectful. Just my opinion of course.
  8. The BA information centre at Whitlingham is just that - an information centre. In size it is smaller than the Hoveton office but larger than the one at How Hill (not difficult I know!). It comes across as being an add-on to the cafe there and I suspect that many of the cafe visitors are counted as information centre visitors. I would imagine the vast majority of visitors to Whitlingham visit by car, the moorings tend to be full most times (not with hire boats) and there is no actual signage advertising Whitlingham Adventure Centre.
  9. I wonder what will happen to the BA 24 hour moorings, those which are used by liveaboards for well in excess of 24 hours very regularly.
  10. They must like the taste of you, better change your cologne!
  11. Watch out anyone around Prince of Wales Road tonight then!
  12. I respectfully suggest you are not using it correctly or it needs a new battery. We have been using them for 10 years at least and have no problem at all. Great gadgets.
  13. I used to be terrified of them too but nearly 40 years of boating has, to a large extent, cured me. I wouldn’t be without our Lakeland Spidercatcher though, we have them at home and one on the boat. No need to get too near the blighter, just suck it up into the tube, replace the bung and deposit on the riverbank or wherever when possible. Also useful for flies, wasps, moths etc etc. We don’t kill any living insects (apart from mosquitoes as they’re nasty vicious things) as we think they all have their functions in life. I notice Lakeland aren’t doing them anymore but these are similar: https://www.thebestthingsdirect.co.uk/bug--buster----vacuum-spider-catcher-8174-p.asp?gclid=Cj0KCQjwuZDtBRDvARIsAPXFx3CN3SdETLqVva1xBCPymBkqkh4iXSogGBQ9q9kLaFAqP9T4U8nxQ48aApdvEALw_wcB
  14. Welcome to the forum Travelman. Martham get all hands to the pump as it were to get their boats through the bridge. When I was at Potter one Saturday very recently, boats were being brought through by the staff with many bodies (not literally!) on board. They seem to have it down to a fine art. Might be a good idea to pick up the phone and chat the possibilities through with the boatyard? Hope you manage to sort something out and enjoy you trip.
  15. Sums it up although I have never found it too difficult to shift with warm water. Curtains collect spider poo in particular I find but it all comes out in the washing machine. As if this could possibly be a leg-pull!! I found the little b****r yesterday, he’s now camping somewhere on the riverbank. In fact he could be heading for his next boat, maybe yours...............
  16. Good news that, for quite a while the Fisherman’s Inn has not had particularly good reviews. I hope it can draw in winter trade and boost its reputation ready for next season. With the 24 hour moorings now in their hands, they have a good opportunity. Must say, those fish and chips look good. Even without the tomato sauce!
  17. Try Bridgecraft, I think Norfolk Nog uses them in December and/or February. No doubt he’ll be here to advise later.
  18. Doesn’t read a paper, uses the World Wide Web don’t you know!
  19. On three mornings this week I have found a little spot of spider poo on the toilet lid. (We seem to be in WC mode today for some reason!) Try as I might, I cannot find the culprit so he’s hidden himself away somewhere. However, I think he must be a house-trained spider as he has tried to use the loo, he just hasn’t noticed the lid is down! 🕷
  20. I don’t think I have ever heard of a boat having a separate water tank for toilets but no doubt someone will know. I remember hiring boats with river fill for toilets and they were awful, the bowl seemed to be permanently filled with dirty water. (Probably long before they managed to cIean the rivers up.) I can’t really see how bacterial contamination could occur with the set up these days. Like Jbx5, we can last 4 days between water fills and that includes a freshwater flush system.
  21. Late breakfast or early lunch? Enjoyed your tales, safe journey home.
  22. Must get quite crowded just downstream of Ludham Bridge!
  23. I thought most boats these days had freshwater flush? I’m certainly surprised that Lightning doesn’t.
  24. One of Richardson’s Commodores (I think it was) tried to get through this morning when the gauge was showing 7’6”. Chickened out at the last minute. Those boats take up a lot of the river when they are attempting to turn - especially at Ludham Bridge!
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