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Grumpy Old Git Moment

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Ok; I’ve been putting this one off, pretending it doesn’t bother me, but here comes the grumpy old git moment! ‘PATREON!’

Now, I like watching the odd YouTube blog. I, like many on this forum follow Robins blogs, and enjoy them. I like watching those of people who sell up and sail the world; they inspire me and encourage me to think towards doing the same; but at the end of many of them (not Robin’s cos I checked to be sure) comes the inevitable prompt to sign up to PATREON, with the plea for sponsorship.

Now, I know that you are trying to provide a public service by entertaining us with your travels, and there is a cost involved to you, but at the end of the day, it’s your boat and it’s your hobby. I don’t ask you to pay for my hobby, so why do you expect me to pay for yours?

Ok, that’s better, rant over!

Thoughts? Oh, and sorry in advance if I’ve offended anyone.

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Quite often things/places like this FORUM would fold if it wasnt for sponsership/donations. So if you enjoy a video, its cost the person to produce it, often a large sum. The NBN could be considered a hobby  yes but , would you expect the admins mods etc to fund it out of their own pockets all the time. ????

My rant now over


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I agree mate.

And if you are happy in my agreement why not sign up on my website to sponsor my latest booze cruise around the waterways of an east of England county.

If interested PM your bank and credit card details and I shall sort the rest :default_smile:


Seriously though, I think Robin mentioned he has considered it once, and these people are only putting the offer out there to people who obviously enjoy their videos, like yourself. They are not coming knocking at your door or phoning you up.

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19 minutes ago, PastorsDayOff said:

It is true.

As I said; it was a grumpy old git moment, not to be taken too seriously!

You're are entitled to such moments-I've been having one for 40 years=as for 'er onboard.............

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3 minutes ago, MauriceMynah said:

PATREON... Never heard of it!... What is it?... No, honest folks, I've really never heard of it and don't know what it is.

MM don't come here with your ignorant ways.

And when a Nigerian Prince emails and requires your bank details in order to transfer a large sum of money to you just give it him immediately.

Now, what did you say your email was again???


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Other methods of donating are possible. Just PM me. 

As far as donations and sponsorship are concerned we do not push donations but every little helps. Advertising by commercial entities that are not sponsoring the NBN we try to dicourage. This does not stop people sharing good service or letting members have recommendations if they ask, but if we get repeated pushing of non sponsorship entities we do have a private word.

hope that explains.


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