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Cadac Safari Chef


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We have just bought one of these to use on our boat, well not on it but next too it if the sun ever shines. It is a gas BBQ, come grill, come oven.

They get very good reviews and a friend has one which has prompted us to get one. So can we have some sunshine now please so that we can try it out?


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Thinking about it the one we had must been the base model Safari Chef (not Safari Chef 2 as yours is).  The lid was more like a dome and the feet were different.  When we saw it in the shop we thought it was a great idea it was just a shame it was so slow to cook on!  

As is often the case we probably would have been better with the upgraded model! 

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We are going to try ours out this weekend. Not on the boat unfortunately as we have got a few jobs to sort out on the new house so we are going to fire it up in the garden to try it out before we take it to Cornwall in a couple of weeks time.

Will let you know how we get on.

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Tried the Cadac out on Saturday evening and have to say that it cooked really well. We were very impressed with it.

Cleaning was fairly straight forward. We used the BBQ grill rather than the hot plate which I think would have been easier to clean. But never the less it only took a few minutes to get it cleaned and packed away again.

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We have used the Cadac quite a few times now and find it really easy to clean as it is.


The only issue we have with it every time is that we forget how the thing packs away in it's bag so we spend ages trying to figure it out :default_laugh:

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53 minutes ago, NotDeadYet said:

You can reduce cleaning with non stick (and reusable) mats or mesh.  I'd post a link, but not sure it's allowed.  However, the search engines are all-knowing.

If it's a link to a product that's helpful to people and isn't a product you're selling then that's totally fine.

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We have just purchased the cadac safari chef 2 QR. So it has a quick release valve already attached to it but all the gas regulators we look at are all screw on? Am I going to have to cut the end of and attach a quick release valve or do they actually sell qr regulators?

Thank you in advance

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On 19/06/2019 at 18:58, dnks34 said:

We had a Cadac (not this precise model) and found it didnt get hot enough and took an absolute age to cook on, it was also difficult to clean on the boat due to the size of it, hopefully you get on better than we did!! 

There were issues with early models where the burner wasn't big enough but I believe that has all been sorted. Beware if buying second hand though. A lot of people on the caravan forum I belong to swear by them. 

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