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This is Tina, the new crew member to Snowbird.

She is 2.5 years old and nowhere near as big as she looks (she fits a westie sized harness), theres obviously shepard in there somewhere but otherwise random mut.

Rescue of course, I'm not about to pay a fortune to feed the puppy farm industry.

She's not been to the boat yet so that will be next weekends adventure, so far she has done really well at pub training (oh it's a hard life training a dog) and gone from a very timid dog a week ago to saying hello to people in the pub so is gaining confidence rapidly, just got to learn her name now......




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Welcome Tina! Take it steady, one paw at a time! I'm sure if you've already mastered the pub training, then in no time you will love cruising along the river, letting all the exciting new smells come to you as you go along whilst just laying on deck letting the breeze ruffle your fur! 

Smoggy- adoption instead of puppy farming is such a lovely decision, and who said dog training is hard work? we did the same 14 years ago and don't regret a day of it. Our lovely old lass is still loving the cruising up on deck just as much as ever- she needs a hand on and off when we moor, but frankly I'm not far off needing that either! Such a valuable crew member regardless :default_icon_luvlove:

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Tina looks a lovely girl. I agree about the puppy farms comment. Our previous dog was from a dog shelter and he had a lovely gentle nature. After we lost Marvin we had planned to get another rescue dog, but a work friend knew some farmers who had some collie puppies, both parents working dogs. As they hadn’t bothered with pedigree certification and all that nonsense Seren actually cost us less than we would have paid for a rescue dog.
Mind you...we think she is priceless.

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