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That anoying Tapping

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As some of you may be aware one of my engine,s ,has had an annoying tapping noise ,only on tickover for a long tome,so today i bit the bullet and took the rocker cover off it.

My consulant and i(que vadis((where are you going?)) ) went through the tappet clearances,when we came to the last two valves we found no.3 cylinder inlet tappet VERY LOOSE....bet you would not guess why??....talk about lucky!! :bow:bow:bow


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Are the heads now off then Trevor

No ,the valve itself is ok,we have the cylinder at tdc with the valve resting on it,there,s not a lot of clearance between the two normaly...the plan is to fit the new spring with the head on if we can,as no weight will be on the valve or piston we should be ok,don,t know what method we going to use as yet,but will save a gasket set if we can do it,i ve ordered a new spring ,collet washer,collets,and a push rod, as the engine has had previous work done on it and has an odd sized push rod(ie shorter,which works but means your at the end of the tappet adjustment range.Also after looking at the spares list on the website i think the previous mechanic left the bottom plate under the spring off,i believe this was the cause of the spring breaking.

As the engine didn,t miss,or smoke under load we think we wiill be ok

regards Trev

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The spring has signs of rust, this can cause fatigue cracks propagated from a pit in the surface. Hopefully the rust formed after the spring was removed from the engine and the cause of the failure was as you suggest due to the missing washer.


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Couldn't work out why the description said to use with a compressed air adaptor or how the tool was going to hold the valve up.

take it you fit a spark plug or heater plug adaptor and blow compressed air in through that to hold the valve shut?

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Word of warning from the guy who did the work on my heads. When refitting the rockers don't use full torque on the big nut that holds them in place, it has a habit of pulling the stud out of the head :o

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I've held valves shut a few times on petrol engines by filling the combustion chamber with string via the plug hole - is it possible to do similar on a diesel via the injector hole?


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Trev you could try fabricating a 6mm flat bar about 300mm long with a hole drilled in it to allow access to the collets and shaped at one end to hook on a bolt or something levering down to compress the spring and inserting the collets through the hole spot of grease on them for easyer handling :wave

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The injector and glow plug come together at angles inside the head and a holes passes to the cylinder so not ideal for string.

This is the head in question so I would think a flat nail bar with a couple of holes/slots cut in it would do the business. :grin:



I am sure this girl at the nail bar shop could sort you out.


Jonathan :Stinky

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