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A Modern Fairy Story


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Once upon a time, in the Fiefdom of Watertopia, there was an evil Laird who was extremely vain.

He decided he needed to think of something new to pamper his vast ego.

What to do he thought? 

I will need lots of money to make something wonderous so I will always be remembered with even more adoration by my serfs.

I know we have lots of serfs who are captivated by the beauty of Watertopia and they use polluting machines (so he thought)!

They must have lots of money to run these machines so I will keep charging more and more so I can create an even bigger empire for myself.

I will sell this brilliant idea as good for the planet so I will be even more adored, if that could be possible.

He did not think they would stop paying or coming to Watertopia because they were captivated by the beauty of his kingdom.

His friends, the feather watchers, encouraged him to do this because they could see the golden geese being driven away and they could take over to run Watertopia purely for the use of

the feathered ones.

The serfs cried out, they could not afford his vanity but he knew they would still adore his wonderful land.


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Not having a boat anymore, he can increase my bill by 1000000000000000000000000%.

I will not be paying.

In fact having been down in September, seeing how prices and disregard to value/upkeep of the area, we will not be back 

just remembering the many good/great times we have had in the past.

This golden goose has left.

Please keep fighting for the future memories/past memories that all may have.


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I had to give up my boat through circumstances in 2021. At the time, I felt quite sad to be so doing. It seems the decision that was forced on me then might have been advantageous. I'll keep my happy memories, and hope somehow the Broads can sustain both it's natural beauty and a healthy boating infrastructure. The two aren't incompatible, I'm sure, but something must change. Just reading on this forum over the last few weeks, it's clear quite a few long-term boaters have reached tipping point. 

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I didn't know whether to laugh or be sad either. When I saw the title I thought how nice, a lovely Fairy Tale to tell my little charges today but sadly not and so near the truth from what I am learning on here

We must keep up the good fight, maybe we need our very own Knight in shining armour  to rid the Dark Knight for trying to destroy our Watertopia :default_biggrin: x

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