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White Horse Inn Neatishead


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Came past and there were plenty of cars and sign for a BBQ so hope all goes well,they have done a lot of work and I hope they succeed as it is near to the moorings and I hope the pub will be well used.


Hi Roy, it should be, as every time we`ve gone to Neatishead, it`s allways been full, so the pub should do ok.

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I haven’t actually been in the White Horse yet, although I’m hoping to get in next week. I’m indebted to Ian Stamp from Norwich CAMRA who has kindly given me permission to publish these photos on the Forum.


I’m quite impressed actually – the restoration does seem to have preserved much of the unique atmosphere of the place – it was one of the most unspoilt pubs on the Broads.


Beers on sale yesterday were Adnams May Day and Fat Sprat, Grain Redwood, Batemans XXXB, Bristol Beer Factory Seven and one other guest. Huge range of bottled beers apparently and a number of the new keg craft beers. Good range of food on offer with a reasonable range of prices. Looks as if the basic bar layout has remained the same but extended considerably leading out to sliding patio doors.


I shall certainly look forward to popping in and sampling some of the beers. Nice to see a pub not doing the usual Wherry, Adnams Bitter and GK IPA combo. It will make a refreshing and welcome change to the Broadland beer scene IMHO.






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Went in last night. Lot of money spent, tad noisy but busy. Beer excellent, staff friendly and helpful. Don't boot you out early either. Bit modern for me, but this pub has been revived and that has to be good. Well worth a visit IMHO. Range of whiskies and keg craft beers too. Will post more photos later. :-)

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Now I’m back I can post a few photos of the re-vamped White Horse. The first thing that strikes you is that serious money has been invested in this pub. If you think Woods End/Waters Edge you won’t be far off the mark.


I did like the old pub, it was totally unspoilt and had probably remained much the same for 50 years or more. The only pub left anything like it was is coincidentally the White Horse at Upton.


I have visited the White Horse many times over the years. However latterly is has been struggling and could easily have ended up as flats. I think for that reason it is good that the pub has been saved. The style of the pub is now distinctly modern but that is what customers want these days. We visited on a Tuesday evening and the pub was very busy. The bare floors and walls do tend to make it fairly noisy but not unduly so. The small rooms have been retained at the front of the pub but the substantial change is to the back bar. This has been opened out to take in the old courtyard area. There is a large lobby area and a separate function room. New toilets have been provided to a very high standard. The bar is in the same position but has been extended and totally rebuilt.


We didn’t try the grub but it was obviously very popular. The beer was very good both in terms of choice and quality. It was also pleasing to note that it wasn’t dominated by Woodfordes or Greene King which sadly so many Broads pubs are.


The pub started to clear considerably after about 9.30 when meals had finished but this is pretty much par for the Broads. However we weren’t booted out early as happens in too many Broads pubs these days.


I’m a bit worried about the number of casks which have been used for stools!


In summary it is very modern but it will appeal to the vast majority. It’s hard to say if it is being supported by the village, I do hope so. Someone has invested serious money in this pub and it is good to see another village local saved from closure. And it’s nice to see a pub selling a bit more than just Wherry! I wish them well and I’ll certainly be calling in again.










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I recall this place as originally having a couple of rooms, one with a very cosey open fire. Its now almost minimalist in its style, open areas with modern furniture if you can call steel kegs with cushions on modern!. Not entirely a bad thing but just not as casually comfy as pubs used to be. Outside area is compact but pleasant.

Not the biggest menu ever but what we had was good quality typical pub grub. I had Ham and Eggs and, for a change, it was genuine carved off the bone ham! Very nice! Offspring both indulged in burgers and declared them well acceptable! There is also a very good selection of traditional beers and locally brewed lagers. All very drinkable. My eldest son must have duff tastebuds though as he declared the Wherry to very good indeed! The only thing that puts off us Yorkists are the Norfolk prices!

Good but limited moorings at Neatishead Staithe a short plod away!

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The modern interior. Is a change from the old pub,.We called in Saturday when they unveiled the new pub sign,complete with Morris Dancers and a horse and dray giving rides. .Did not eat but will put on the list when we are on the boat .Good for the village.

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VC I too can relate to the drinks prices in Norfolk, sadly now am allowed at best a lager shandy or Dr Watsisname would be down on me like a ton of bricks. Oh yes a lager shandy forget where now, was £3.75p! Only had the one though. 

When I first came to Norfolk in early 70's, drink prices were on a par with Scotland and North England, the minute they electrified that railway line from London woosh UP went the prices big time. Oh back to the revamped Pub, I wish them well in their adventure of it being run by locals. Hopefully if I get back down that way will go and sample the grub.


cheers Iain.

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