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Coos,Cars and Coo Coos...blame me for this weekends weather!


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This week has been all about Coos, Cars and Coo Coos. I've been researching St.Benets Abbey for a few weeks and wading through court rolls, the Chronicles of John de Oxenedes, Dugdale's Monasticon Anglicanum and the cartulary of St Benets. Among my research I kept coming across the word 'Coo' as in 'Coo Holme'. Chunking bulk passages of Latin I kept missing the translation, and for some days it had me scratching my head. 'Holme' I got, as we have Southolme and Northolme in my home town.


Now today I took delivery of my new car. I've suddenly realised that the next couple of years will see me hitting fifty years of age and not so much 'slipping into senility' as 'galloping over the precipice shouting yippee' on my way down. So with great reluctance I traded in my 280 brake horse motor for something more sedate, such as a Qashqai with a mere 110 brake horse. Now such is the modern state of things they no longer supply a spare wheel with a new motor...and I'm sorry as grumpy old man I expect a spare wheel in a car...a John Bull repair outfit and an electric pump is just not the same! So my garage started to ring round to get me a spare wheel.
'I'm sorry but the nearest place that has one is in Norfolk' said the salesman.
'No problem I'm there on Friday I will pick it up!' says I to the salesman as he dials the Norfolk dealership and leaves the phone on speaker.

'It's a Qashqai!" says my dealer into the phone.

"Ah a Coo Coo!" says the Norfolk dealer.


...and then it dawned on me 'Coo coo, Lathems Coo Dee and Coo Holme' its 'Cowholme' or 'Cow Holme'. St Benet's is on 'Cow Island'!


As for the weather? We'll you see the new car has automatic windscreen wipers and the kids started to pray for rain so they could see them work, of course then I looked at the weather forecast for the weekend. I wonder how long automatic windscreen wipers will hold their novelty value when the rain starts dripping through the leaky bit in RT's deck?

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Hi Timbo,



I loved your post, getting near 50, its like turning a switch, my eyes went, my arms were no longer long enough to read in bed, the Viagra emails started and policemen looked like they were fresh out of school.


I know the feeling well re the spare wheel issue, its bad enough when you one of those emergency tyres in the boot. I bought 3 matching rims for my second Saab 93 convertible (I still love feel of the open air flowing around my hair, hardly through these days) so I could fit a spare tyre into the tyre well, it almost fits, its about 5mm proud, but I can live with that. You may want to check your space to see if you can fit in a full spare. 

The other two rims were for winter tyres which came in handy the year before last.


Being a grumpy old man is a given right, my friends say it is not a age thing at all and say I have always been grumpy. That's friends for you.


Enjoy your trip down on Friday and lets hope you will not have to use the John Bull repair kit.




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I have used one of the repair kits once and never again, it did work in respect of allowing the tyre to inflate but the mess it made to the wheel and tyre (horrible white sticky stuff) meant the garage couldn't use a mushroom to repair the screw hole in my existing tyre and the wheel needed major work to clean before fitting a new tyre.

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Dave. I am on my second BMW with run flats. The first one had a harder ride and sometimes the tyres were in short supply, so you had to wait a day for the replacement tyre.

The new one is a lot better and the garage has replacements in stock now. It is also very nice to nor have to get out to slow down too much when the car tells you it has deflated. Just drop by the garage and get them to replace it.

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Although I can't justify going to all the expense of buying a BMW I did however buy something that prevents me having to go out into the rain to change a flat tyre...I bought the Mrs a high viz vest!  :ugeek:

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I actually changed a car because of run flat tyres when I looked at the small print you could not go above 50 - which is normal ..but it also stated not to travel over 40 miles on a flat which is no good to me if iam traveling 240 miles to Norfolk through the middle of the night . I also don't rate the Gel puncture kit . like Martin says it completely ruined a very good tyre (apart from a puncture ) so at £200 for a new tyre  and another £180 to get the tyre pressure sensor valve fitted and re-programed it turned out to be a very expensive puncture


i now bought and carry a spare on long distance




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Wicked, Tim. Lol! actually I confess to loving Time Team, and watching it on re runs all the time. Of course if I had an archaeological career, I might indeed find it a bit much. As it is, I am lit. crit. and love a storyline. :)

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