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Hi John

can I suggest you have a look at:-


The chap that runs it, another John (Wheeler), bought our Bounty 30 'Dawn Princess' off us awhile back.

You will see he does the VHF Course still and at a good price £110, as this includes the RYA license (£60)!!!!

The courses are run at either Dilham on the Broads or Overstrand which is up on the North Norfolk coast about 12 miles from Dilham.

I've got to make time to do the course as the RYA won't accept my PPL radio license, which strikes me as illogical as on my test for it I had to talk and relay a mayday  call to a sail boat which was on fire!

Hope this helps.


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£60 just for the certificate??? Robbing gits! I'm sure it wasn't anywhere near that much when I did it (back in 2007, oh crap thats 9 years ago), if you know the routines and radio etiquette and can work your way around the DSC menu then I doubt you would ever get checked up on if you actually have the licence, you can get the fixed ship licence for free with or without the operators cert so you have the proper callsign and mmsi allocated, I would hold fire till the course is conveniently close at a useful time, the hand book pretty much teaches it all anyway.

The RNLI don't care if you have a licence, they come out anyway.

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At least it's effectively a one-off lifetime fee now.

When I did my VHF operator's license, you had to have an annual  "ship radio license" too, at about £25 a year, if I remember correctly....

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I believe we have a member who has a training centre aboard his boat in the lovely somerleyton marina. I did my course a few years back (at my YC) and it was great fun.. The best bit is you can press the DSC button and watch all hell break lose.. any my teacher (whos also a mate of mine) "loved it" when I kept doing it lol...  it's worth doing just for interest too.

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