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New User New to the Broads Saying Hi

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Just signed up so thought i'd say hello and introduce myself. We are hiring a boat in mid September for 4 nights. It will be our first time (I spent some time on a canal cruiser about 12 years ago so this will be different!) and it's my wifes first time on anything smaller than a car ferry. We are looking at hiring San Selino from Richardson at Stalham. If anyone has any knowledge of the boat or reviews then please share them.

Just on a side note what are my chances of a lateish afternoon mooring at Neatishead / Gaye's Staithe on a Monday in September also I understand there are water facilities can anyone confirm this or am I asking in the wrong section?

Looking forward to trying to take part in the forum and more importantly the Boat Trip.


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Welcome aboard from us. :clap:clap:clap

We visited that part of the Northern Broads last year and didn't have any problems mooring in September.

You will be filled with water before you leave Riccos and for a 4-day visit I doubt you'll need a refill.. unless you have some very squeaky-clean vices! :naughty::naughty:

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Hi Ray

Welcome to the forum.

San Selino is one of the older hirecraft but is good value and standard for her hire fee, and at 37ft and 12ft beam offers quite a good amount of space for the money also.

I'm sure you'll have a great time.... take your time, relax and enjoy! ice slice


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Hi Bigray and welcome

Gaye's Staithe and Neatishead are popular moorings – having said that in September (particularly if it’s after the school holidays), you should stand a reasonable chance but this is not guaranteed. Get there as early as you can. If you are picking the boat up that afternoon you could always call at the yard a little earlier, the boat may be ready, its worth asking. That way you can get away a little earlier.

Gaye's Staithe is an easier mooring as there is more room to turn. Neatishead is a little tight with a 37 footer but quite manageable if you take it steady.

You mention water – not sure if you mean available generally or at Neatishead? There is water at Neatishead Staithe (don’t think there is any at Gaye's Staithe). But water is also available at many locations and boatyards. Ludham Bridge, Ranworth, Horning, Womack, Potter Heigham, Salhouse to name a few. As John says you may not need a top up but I think in 4 days it would be pushing it. I would look to fill up after a couple of days to be on the safe side. The boatyards advise filling up daily but this is a bit excessive unless you have 3 showers a day!

We’re always happy to try and help if you have any more questions. Have a good trip!


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