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    Welcome! If your boat will go under the bridge (you will have to use the pilot) there are usually moorings free the other side, a bit quieter too if staying over night but within an easy short walk of all that Wroxham has to offer.
  2. I hear you Speedtriple, I'm lucky enough to be retired now so it's not so bad for me but I've never been comfortable in heat. I love sunny days and blue skies but the hotter it gets the léss I can do.
  3. Ray

    Self Service Pump Out

    Nothing I've read so far has been encouraging to be honest I'll save my adventurous side for something a little less scary.. sky diving, potholing, mother-in-law baiting etc.
  4. I have only just discovered that such a thing exists! Sounds like something to avoid or are they simple to use with good clear instructions?
  5. Ray

    Beyond Norwich

    Great, thank you
  6. Ray

    Beyond Norwich

    I haven't gone south yet in our own boat, something I hope to rectify very soon. It's many uears since I had a hire boat and went to Norwich and I wondered where the end of navigation is? Can you continue through Norwich on the Wensum or round it on the Yare?
  7. The full article doesn't blame bread and does mention other possible causes so I guess the jury is still out to some extent. It's an interesting read thanks for posting it Poppy. My take I think would be that some bread is OK as long as it's not a bird's only source of nutrition.
  8. Welcome! I saw your post about the MK IV, youre in a perfect position to compare it with the MK II. Good luck with your sale
  9. Congratulations, many happy cruises ahead
  10. Roast the breast in breadcrumbs and serve with a sauce made from Grand Marnier
  11. Swan can not live by bread alone? That makes sense
  12. Hi Alan, I was certainly surprised when I read it as I assumed the case for not feeding bread was widely accepted as correct. The two points in the statement that really stood out for me was the evidence that young swans in particular are actually suffering as the bread they used to have helps them as they look to join larger groups and learn to feed. The other was that the Royal Veterinary College feel misrepresented by those advocating not feeding bread to water fowl.
  13. That's fine Dave, I think the organisation would approve of their view beimg widely shared
  14. Without the personal scientific knowledge to assess this statement I can only say that it makes interesting reading and it would be hard to argue with such an authoritative voice! https://www.theswansanctuary.org.uk/cause/swan-sanctuary-statement-ban-bread-campaign/
  15. These are fantastic fried! Ages since I did that ? Frey Bentos Pies got us through the first few years of married life, along with canned marrowfat peas and fried tinned potatoes. We have moved on a little in 40 years but I would'nt say no to one of those meals again
  16. Our previous owner had a new rubber strake (think that's the right term) fitted all round, I guess my bow protector/roller was modified then. With the front well of a mark 3 there is at least the luxury of getting a good brace and leaning back to pull up the weight. Odd how the same weight feels so much heavier than it did 35 years ago :)
  17. Thank you all.. you live and learn! It's good to know the correct names for things but I can understand why there could be concern about them, maybe that's why a previous owner removed mine! I don't mind letting it down and pulling it up manually. Not that I ever attempt mooring other than dead slow but we also have a sizable bow fender which should be the first point of contact if a mistake is made! Am I alone in worrying about other people's boats more than my own? Every boat is someone's pride and joy, they can be repaired but you don't want to have to repair them in the first place :)
  18. Big metal lump on the bow, with a bolt through it holding precisely nothing. The mud weight line disappears into a pipe thing angled toward the bow, just behind the big metal lump. What is the big metal lump called please? What is the missing bit and could I/should I replace it? What is the pipe thing called? Apologies for the technical language! lol
  19. I understand a boat was also cast adrift at Irstead last night. Culprits believed to be same for both incidents, seen running off and using a silver colour car. Wherever possible I bring our ropes back to the boat to tie off overnight, I'm a light sleeper and would feel anyone stepping aboard but I like the mudweight idea so I'll put that out overnight now as well!
  20. I started out with nothing... still got most of it left.
  21. Ray

    At Last

    Good looking boat, congratulations and many happy hours aboard her
  22. I love signed books! Looks like my summer reading is all sorted!
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