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  1. 12 years old, Dover to Zeebrugge, journey length twice what was expected. I actually died of sea sickness and am writing this as a spectre of my former self. True story lol
  2. Ray


    Welcome Katie, I'm a recent member who arrived knowing little and have had much good advice kindly given already. One day I may even know enough to advise someone else! Lovely group of people here :)
  3. That's going the extra mile to be helpful! I'm feeling a whole lot more confident about this now
  4. I have one on order :) Thanks to Alan's earlier post. Soon I will have the locker clean, the tube fixed and a guage fitted! I can't say I'm looking forward to the BSS if I'm honest although getting prepared for it is a great way to learn about my boat. I have the galley empty at the moment, took everything home to clean and sort as the boat is new to us, would it be best to leave it this way until after the inspection as there is access to the fuel lines underneath the galley locker and I assume easy access for the inspection is helpful to the tester?
  5. Very timely advice, thank you! My BSS is due in a couple of months and I will be booking it in a few weeks time!
  6. Great idea, that solves all the questions I first started out with.. what do you do? How do you do it? And how do I know if it's (nearly) empty? This group is great! :)
  7. Excellent, thanks both. I didn't spot that split until I magnified the photo! Well spotted and thanks again.. first job next visit!
  8. Thanks Paul, I guess if it lasts that long it is hardly worth adding a second one "just in case" The worse that can happen is no coffee for a couple of hours! OK, that is serious... but not life or death :) OK, I have photos! It's clearly a blue 15kg Butane bottle, there is room for a second but I think I'll stick with one (see above). The locker needs cleaning up and if there is a vent checking and unblocking if needed. Once tidied and cleaned the storage space will be useful. My only question now that remains is I couldn't see how that connecter works, I'd be grateful for any advice on how that works please.
  9. Will avoid dropping it!!!! Good tip though, thank you. One of the things I have to look at is the size of the locker, there is room for two bottles side by side but I'm not sure there is any spare height. Weather not looking great but should be able to get there sometime today, take a photo or two and see what's what!
  10. It's a story you can't help being fascinated by. The Guardian has an interview with his son this weekend too... https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2018/feb/03/donald-crowhurst-yacht-race-the-mercy-film-son-simon
  11. That's very kind Diesel Falcon, thank you very much! I'll remember to follow your advice and check for leaks! Ricardo, sounds like a bottle will last us a lifetime lol Tea, coffee and the occasional light meal/snack is all I think we'll be using. Very lucky to live quite near our boat so most cruises are day trips.. with several longer cruises planned for later in the year though, intend to enjoy every inch of The Broads
  12. Photo coming tomorrow, thanks for those examples
  13. So is there a "most common" type? I mean if you check 100 boats would a majority share a common gas?
  14. I'll get a photo tomorrow, there's more possibilities than I thought. I like Boulter's by the way, very helpful and patient with a new owner
  15. I'm learning a lot here... many thanks indeed!
  16. Thank you.. it's a good job I asked, I have a good idea what I'm looking at now :)
  17. Thanks Alan, I need to go and have a good look at what's already there by the sound of it. I didn't know about Propane/Butane either! Once I've checked it out I will add a second bottle, the same as what is in there.
  18. Left handed thread! That's good to know in advance - thank you.
  19. I have never used gas bottles, for anything... ever! Common sense of course is step one and I understand that escaped gas can sink to the bilge. My boat has one canister, it's in a dedicated gas bottle locker and all looks well. Apart from not being able to make a cup of tea, how do I know when it's empty (or getting empty)? Do all bottles have the same gas in them? How do I know what to buy? This really feels like the proverbial silly question but after all it is gas so I think it's worth asking rather than experimenting!
  20. Thank you, I'm thinking it may be a good idea as a preventive measure.
  21. Would you recommend using Soltron (or similar) every time you fuel up?
  22. As everyone is being so helpful with my 'new boat owner' questions I would probably exceed any limit, however high it was set 
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