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  1. Ray

    My Day

    We are a DC30 with wooden top sides, have a good cruise πŸ‘
  2. Ray

    My Day

    At Sutton Staithe Hotel about to start a few days out. We are on Dakota, will give you a wave if we see you.. what is your boat's name?
  3. She looks great, I liked the onboard camera view πŸ‘
  4. 0.5mm! Moving something by that small an amount must present problems in itself. Have you had a chance to see if she is running quieter with your adjustments?
  5. Just noticed one on Facebook if it helps - https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1283532031811731/
  6. A warm welcome from me too πŸ‘
  7. Congratulations to her and best wishes for the Big Day πŸ‘
  8. Ray

    My Day

    Sorry to hear about your day Griff, it's one of those "sod's law" things sometimes with Birthdays. Hope you did make it for dinner and can enjoy the remains of the day. I also recommend the practice of an an Official Birthday, pick a day that's free and enjoy something with loved onesπŸ‘
  9. If Hoseasons have started many discussions like this one up and down the country then they have already achieved a lot. Our discussion here has been incredibly informative and many considered points of view expressed politely from each member's own experience. Here I have been, banging on about being careful to think about and consider those who suffer discrimination and Grendel writes a post that covers just such a situation that I'd never considered. We can only ever strive to do better, being perfect is way above my pay grade!
  10. Guerilla Warfare!!!! I approve heartily πŸ»πŸ‘
  11. Yes! But it's never too late to help stop others from suffering injustice, not just at school but for their whole lives for something that is just as natural as being left handed
  12. No offense Fred but that is pretty much the whole general attitude that fundamentally needs changing "Some of my best friends are (insert minority)" "You don't hear so much about this other type of discrimination" Anti semitism has quite rightly been covered extensively lately and should continue to be. "I haven't seen any bigotry here" Of course not, there hasn't been any so no need to take offense or even mention it. "It is a lifestyle" No, it's not "Politicians make cuts to services but spend money promoting minorities" Supporting minorities is a service and it has suffered as many cuts as any other. That situation is idealogical and would require a deep debate on a subject not allowed by forum rules. I'm not picking on you personally, hopefully it's clear that is not something I do, but it is general perceptions by people at large and nothing will change ntil there is a sea change in attitudes. Just as with drink driving for example!
  13. People who identify as LGBTQ+ can speak for themselves and do so with eloquence, Pride is indeed well named. But that isn't enough, we should all speak for them and any others who suffer discrimination and hatred. The one big thing that consistently fails to be recognised, even by genuinely good people who mean no harm is that all of the people who are given or take with pride that label are just people. It is no more a choice or lifestyle than having curly hair, blue eyes or being left handed. Within living memory in this country people were discriminated against and punished for being left handed. Would we stand for such a ridiculous practice now? Of course not! So let's not stand for any type of persecution of any type of person.
  14. I may be misreading but it sounds like he is charging for preparing a quote, check to see if anything in your original understanding mentions free quotes. There is a difference between estimates and quotes but he should have made it clear before looking at the work.
  15. Across the world extreme views are proliferating towards intolerence in a way not seen since the 1930s. Any and every effort to counteract the idea that it OK to to negatively discriminate against any group is to be welcomed with open arms. It matters not at all whether any strong attempt is made to police the policy what matters is that here is a large respected business that says bigotry is not OK and they want no part of it. Once you give people permission to hate a group you unleash hell on that group. Never underestimate the potential for hate among those who are easy to persuade! Well done Hoseasons!
  16. Well done on a brilliant and successful voyage... and well done Luna! Really enjoyed your write up and photos Lulu πŸ‘
  17. Great photos and Luna looks fantastic!
  18. I live about half hour walk from there but doubt I'll ever get my boat there thanks to that bridge!
  19. I know... but I was just on Facebook which is cheating :)
  20. craftinsure.com Seems a reasonable price, never claimed though so don't know how good they are.
  21. Ray

    My Day

    Might as well join in ☺ Great Western railways Monday to Friday 06:00 to 18:00 and Saturday 06:00 to 13:30, every week, week in week out. I became a zombie and eventually quit for something where I at least got weekends off. Happily retired now anyway πŸ‘
  22. Probably for the best, you've put so much work into authentication it could detract from that and after all the best view is watching her cruise!
  23. I can imagine! I guess there's no room for a cam on board, although it would be a great viewpoint!
  24. Such a shame the original doesn't have a bow thruster! 😁😁😁 Only kidding Griff πŸ‘
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