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  1. Here she is in the database - http://www.broads.org.uk/wiki2018/index.php?title=Boat_Details&BoatId=5504
  2. For the hard of hearing I think some sort of noxious smelling gas should also be pumped out. Oh, hang on.....
  3. Really enjoyed reading your holiday blog David, I hope you don't have too long to wait until your next cruise
  4. I'm getting the urge for another trip south after reading your log David
  5. Planning on being out tomorrow.. currently moored on the sofa watching 2001 A Space Odyssey
  6. Great shots, thanks David I'll have to take the cover off next time though! I'm not sure I've ever seen that boat coming and going in the top right... I guess the plus side is that's it's really easy to get out!
  7. There is a jetty in the marina, from left to right in the photos. Stern moored on the jetty side furthest from the camera at the very end to the right by the access channel is Dakota my current boat, black cover. On the same line of moored boats, moving back towards the shore, the next but one is Mara with the bright blue roof, my last boat Many thanks for having a look for me, I'm in touch with the new owners so I can pass on a photo to them too.
  8. You can see my current boat and my last boat in the drone images (just the roofs)
  9. Hi Mike and welcome, seems all our anglers are having a lie in but they will be along later I'm sure
  10. Well said and this sort of nonsense causes wider problems. Just like the story of the boy who cried wolf, there are of course some things that do need to be addressed in society and these will get lost in the noise of the 'offended by everything' movements.
  11. I'm going to scratch out anything on my electricity bill in the hundreds column because they deeply offend me...
  12. Often software will allow an underline which you can use to make a space as in River_Ant etc.
  13. Ray


    If a fair way of electing members can't be found for a body with "powers" then the "powers" should be removed. A simplistic view which would leave the job of devolving "necessary" powers to pre-existing democratically elected bodies. Not an impossible task though I have taken holidays all over the UK and never felt that I should have a vote in their local elections even though as a visitor planning decisions, fees, access etc. would affect me.
  14. Welcome Chris. Maybe consider your first night mooring at Richardson's itself? If your hand over is early there will be plenty of time for an afternoon cruise before meeting up with family at the home yard of both boats. A word in advance with the yard will probably mean you can certainly moor together and Stalham has places to eat, drink and shop as a reunion may require! Good luck and have a great time however you decide to go
  15. I was thinking of doing my own engine service this year too... Vaughan's post has cured me. Send him his commission cheque Mark!
  16. Just as I was looking for the next book to read! Many thanks for the recommendation ECIPA
  17. Ray

    1970's Boatyards

    Conquest from Stalham Yacht Services and Carolina from Aston Boats.
  18. That's a fair point, it is ultimately our own perception of value for money that affects our decision making, as it should be. I guess a big factor will be how much time we are able to spend afloat... though of course we have no control over hire charge increases either! You pays yer money and makes yer choice 🙂
  19. Although my poll answers follow the majority in each case it is more of a wish list than a complaint about the current system which, by and large, works. We know the rules when we buy a boat and whatever your feelings about how the money is spent if you do a simple comparison of the outstanding natural area where we can enjoy our boats and the overall cost then it's good value for money, in my view at least.
  20. Interesting that such high figures are achieved, although fascinating documents to us Broads enthusiasts I would have though that it was fairly 'niche' for collectors!
  21. I use the horn too, anything that helps others to know I'm there. I generally just always give way if at all possible. Nine times out of ten no one knows who should/could give way so I take the most cautious view.
  22. Ludham is the place for other boats suddenly appearing! We last went through in February, no other boats but I was surprised at the power of the tide/flow through the constriction and found I needed a lot more throttle to keep a good, straight passage than I have ever needed there before. Had another boat emerged at the last minute it would have become 'tricky' to the point of being 'interesting'
  23. Ray

    Tv Panic!!

    Sorry to read about your accident Jono, it'll be a perfect boating holiday next time, law of averages!
  24. Rightly or wrongly the current climate is one in which the world and his wife look for offence to take, any business which does not factor this in to its advertising copy and public announcements should know better One thing that is generally overlooked about the old TV shows Til Death Us Do Part and Love Thy Neighbour is that they were intended to be anti racist because the bigot was always the ignorant fool!
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