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Cheeky Pint In The Buck

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It was indeed a pleasure Mark!

This meeting was one of the promised "strategy updates" concerning the Island and was also attended by our celebrity guest and expert witness, Mr Roger Bush.

So have we got it all sorted out now?

Er....... perhaps not quite yet. Needs a few more pints. We'll let you know......

Meantime, whenever you are on the road through Thorpe about mid-day and see a cream coloured French camper van in the Buck car park, come and join me!

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I do not have any trouble with air draft except on a spring high tide and even then that is only for a couple of hours.

I did hear that the BA or the local authority had banned mooring there due to overstayers. Perhaps this is a shaggy dog story then?


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Hi Shreck, the only mooring problem you may have is squeezing between some of the dinghies. Unless the BA or Thorpe tc are using STI type misinformation the moorings here are definitely open.

The Buck now much improved after having had a rough time in the last few years. I can't tell you as to what beers they have as I'm a lager drinker and the Mrs likes her g&ts.

Remember you have 4 pubs and a hotel within walking distance of river green.


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Thanks for the information Colin.

I will be visiting the Broads when it warms up a bit (no heating on the boat). I will drop in on the pub and sample the beers.

I am aware that the pub went down a bit a few years ago and the beer then was not very good. Its great to know that somebody now cares about the pub.



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