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Paloma Water Heater

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Hi all

I have a Viking 22 fitted with a Paloma PH-5LFE water heater.As I neglected to drain it properly prior to winter it has suffered frost damage that is probably terminal.

Has anyone replaced theirs, if so what with & how does it compere to the original.



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As a Viking owner myself, there is a lot of information on the Viking Owner's web site.

Basically the heat exchangers burst the pipework on the top of the heat exchanger.

If you are handy with a blow lamp, have some solder and flux, and have a small off cut of say some 10mm diameter copper central heating pipe, then you can use the copper pipe to make a suitable patch. How do I know...?

I have fixed mine, must be 12 years ago now, still working fine.

A standard plumber or heating engineer should be able to fabricate a permanent repair, in say half an hour, to an hour, subject to travel. If the valve has been damaged, the repair is likely to be much more, due to lack of availability of spares.

Hope it helps.


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Sorry for bringing an old thread up again but after reading numerous issues with these freezing up and mentioning this to the marina owner where my boat is moored they said don't bother draining it down as it doesn't drain all the water out of if ,instead just remove it and take it home, as its only two water pipes a gas connection and two screws holding it to the wall, seems like a sensible idea to me and this is what I am planning to do next week, are there any concerns doing this apart from obviously when reinstalling to ensure there are no gas or water leaks, I will only be needing the eberspacher over the winter so wanted to drain down the complete water system..

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Each time you change a gas bottle you break a gas tight connection!

Aslong as you are competent with a set of spanners I would remove it if it is only a case of the water and gas connections to contend with. 

To be on the safe side when refitting you could spray some leak detector spray on the gas connection.


You could always run non toxic antifreeze through the water system to. 


We always put some of this through our engine each winter. 

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While leak detection spray is very good I really wouldn't play with the gas system in the cabin area , changing a gas bottle is different its in a sealed locker and vented outside and most important unlikely to leak anywhere the cabin .

While trying my best not to be a killjoy its worth remembering the the last person to touch the gas system is ultimately responsible for it being safe .

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The two main reasons are :

1/. The head of the flame failure device has been bent out of position and is no longer in the flame of the pilot light.

2/. the connection between the metal cable of the flame failure, and the housing of the push button assembly is loose or dirty and is not making contact. Undo the connection, clean the inside of both parts and tighten when re-fitting.

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Another reason could be that the burner of the pilot light is dirty, so the light is burning with a yellow flame, which does not produce enough heat to engage the flame failure device. This is also dangerous as a yellow flame is giving off CO.

Do not attempt to clean the burner yourself. Have it done by a gas fitter.

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Hi Jimmy you could remove matrix and take to vehicle radiator repairers to soldier the split closed alliteratively replace with a Webasto 50 or simular water heater much more efficient and would give constant hot water to shower with. Other than that if you get a new gas one it must be room sealed to pass BSE or second hand and say it is original, you dont say what you use it for? washing up boil a kettle. John

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