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The Disadvantage Of . . . . . . . .


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. . . . . . . mooring next to a boat with big engines!


Met up with the Admiral today, coughing and spluttering and closing all his windows. Stern-to mooring with about a two foot gap between boats can be very sociable but it does have one odious disadvantage. I did feel for John, a better natured man I have yet to meet but even he was heard to putter, especially as it was a rather extended exposure to the inconsiderate delights of diesel exhaust.


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myself and a friend once suffered from diesel poisoning on a fairground ride as the fumes from the exhaust went up the centre of the spinning wall, we breathed deeply due to the spinning force and both of us were ill for several days due to deep breathing the fumes.

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1 hour ago, JennyMorgan said:

. . . . . mooring next to a boat with big engines!

Maybe it would be fairer and more accurate to say "....mooring next to some diesel powered boats" Peter, (regardless of engine size).

As the black smoke and carcinogenic pollution is the drawback of some diesel engines, irrespective of their size. My previous, (and still very popular) 1.5 BMC diesel belched out black smoke on cold starts, whereas my 200hp Volvo unleaded  petrol engine never produces any black smoke or harmful diesel particulates.

Far too many current Broads (invariably diesel) hire craft still belch out black smoke, even day boats.

Secondhand petrol boats may still be scorned by many boat owners, but they're no longer as undesirable as they used to be, especially after the significant tax concession was lost because of the EU ruling.


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Without wishing to compare the health effects of diesel vs petrol, I find the smell of petrol exhaust unpleasant as well.

In addition, in the event of a fire, I damned well know which I would rather be along side :facepalm:

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54 minutes ago, Poppy said:

....In addition, in the event of a fire, I damned well know which I would rather be along side :facepalm:

Yes Poppy, I can't deny that petrol powered craft need to abide by the BSS very strictly, because of the increased potential for petrol vapour explosions.

I must admit that if I had plenty of expendable dosh I'd buy a modern turbo-diesel instead, (about twice the initial outlay for a similar sized  secondhand craft).

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14 hours ago, Hockham Admiral said:

Peter, hi. Nice to meet up again. Perhaps a beer tomorrow?

The crew kept apologizing, for all of 15 minutes by which time Friday Girl was quite full of fumes.

Leo, hi. Saw you at Somerleyton near Ranworth Breeze this morning.

The crew seemed a decent crowd, just rather thoughtless. Having been made aware of the problem one would have thought that they would have turned off as would have been perfectly reasonable. It was pretty offensive. Okay for me, I could walk away.

Re a beer, aim to be there, unless something crops up.

Thanks again for delivering Polly's parcel. 

Strow, reasonable response.

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