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Farnborough Airshow

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I'v just booked my tickets to Farnborough this year - £30 as a previous attendee. That is compared to £50 for Fairford (Royal International Air Tattoo) that's with an early bird discount too. Ive not missed Fairford for a few years but at £50 a pop I'm going to see what aircraft they attract before committing.  

Are any other forumites aircraft enthusiasts as well as boats? Anyone got any airshows in the pipeline?

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3 hours ago, Chelsea14Ian said:

Went to Farnborough a few years back,I hope to go this year.For a number of years I worked for a event company. One year got in for free.And yes I love aircraft. Would love to learn to fly.



In previous yrs I was a exhibition joiner and did the Farnborough show fitting out one of the chalets , as pre usual loads of fun but a few big problems like no floor in the chalet on day one saw us a bit behind , but hey we saw the entire show twice in the run up to opening , electric roof on the chalet was brilliant for increasing the sound level , all in all brilliant .

Used to lots of airshows with my dad as he too had a passion for aircraft well he was in the RAF so I guess its not optional .


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The first time I can remember going to Farnborough, I had free tickets and transport as I was working for the CAA.

Later working for GEC avionics, we were encouraged to go, but we were expected to put in a day off, pay for our transport and tickets. Then requested to visit the company stand to collect company advertising badges to wear... Needless to say even those enthusiasts who went, didn't wear the badges..

 I've only been to Farnborough once since, for a two week course when nothing interesting was flying about.

SWMBO's brother spent several months lying under the runway, stripping asbestos off piping during a very  hot summer, while of course wearing full protective gear.......:default_blink: with aircraft landing a couple of feet above....

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I grew up only a few miles away from Woodford aerodrome (Cheshire) where the Vulcan & others were built.
Many times when walking home from school in the 60's I'd hear the sound of a Vulcan departing after maintenance and see the delta at the head of a column of smoke.  Woodford used to have the largest 1-day airshow in the country - had to walk there as the roads in all Cheshire snarled up.  Concord 002 appeared only 4 weeks after its first flight.

From home also occasionally saw a glider on a winch launch, do a few circles & land thinking "whats the point".

Approx 50 years later I have over 1200 hours on high-performance sailplanes!

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