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Navigating Through Horning 3rd-9th August 2019


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Yes it's that time of year again, just about a Month to the start of Horning Regatta week.

So for those who wish to watch / avoid / Get through Horning with as little difficulty as possible, during the event, here I hope is some useful information.

To make it easier to read, The next post will be what we are doing.

The following post will be; When are the best times to go through, if you wish to avoid the event and how to avoid problems.

What we Tell the competitors, request the non-competitors please do and why we do this....

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:default_biggrin:Horning Regatta 3rd – 5th August 2019:default_biggrin:

Saturday 3rd August 2019, Club event, members only around 50 boats competing,

The Racing is on Black Horse Broad (AKA Hoveton Little Broad) from about 14:00, so boats will be commuting up to the broad from the sailing club from around 13:00. There is likely to be a rescue boat or two towing small dinghies and maybe the odd keelboat up to the broad.

The boats are likely to be returning from  16:00.

 Sunday  4th August 2019, Club event members only competing,

The racing is also on the broad, boats are likely to go to the broad between 09:00 and 10:00, returning for lunch 12:30 to 13:00. Then back for the Afternoon session in time for the 14:00 start. Most boats are likely to return to the club after 16:00.

 Monday 5th August 2019 to 9th August 2019, an open Regatta on the River, up to 150 boats competing.

Anybody is welcome to compete, or come visit the club and see what's going on. We will be wrapped up in our event, there will be a lot of strangers around, so if you visit and want to ask questions please do. Someone will point you to a person with the knowledge. 

09:25, 09:30, 09:35, Racing starts, so boats will be on the water from about 09:15, the first series includes the beginners, so hoards of small children from 8 years old in their first regatta event.  1 hour race for each start.

regatta 2017.jpg

10:30- 11:05 at five minute intervals The bigger boats join in, 20ft to 25ft keelboats. 1 hour race for each class

12:00 Most will pack up for lunch, however, there are a few boats out for special classes,

THE TIME TO GO THROUGH IF YOU WANT TO AVOID THE RACING, though there will still be to odd sailing boat out.

12:45 – 12:50 The Big sailing cruisers up to 40ft, maybe a dozen boats have their lunch time 2 hour race

(Thursday the big boats go out at 13:15-13:20 but there is a smaller race still at 12:45)

13:45- 14:05 The afternoon Series of  starts, the absolute beginners are not encouraged out, because it's too busy, but there will still be a fair amount of dinghies, keelboats, and the slower sailing cruisers will still be out. 1 hour race

15:15- 15-50 second series of starts..1 hour race

16:15 -The afternoon Main series should begin to finish.

17:00-17:05 two starts  reduced Numbers in a couple of races for special trophies.

17:30 we should be finished but there may be the odd straggler about.

After racing, social events at the club, for club members, invited guests and competitors

3 Aug Sat 7:00PM Platter & Natter Clubhouse 

4 Aug Sun 5:00PM Berry Shield & Cream Tea Clubhouse 

5 Aug Mon 6:00PM Games Evening & Chips Clubhouse 

6 Aug Tue 7:00PM Quiz night Clubhouse 

7 Aug Wed 7:00PM Murder Mystery night Clubhouse 

8 Aug Thu 8:00PM Disco Clubhouse 

9 Aug Fri 7:00PM Themed Dancing & Food Clubhouse

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Avoiding the Traffic at Horning Sailing Club Regatta,


When there are reduced numbers sailing and other information.

This is what you may face,regatta 1910.JPG

Horning Regatta 1910, picture, courtesy of Broadland Memories.. http://www.broadlandmemories.co.uk/

Some of those same boats will be competing.


Remember Not all sailing boats are competitors or have any association with the club, we had a non-competing fleet sail through one year, that was interesting.


Saturday 3rd - 4th August 2019, really you shouldn't have a problem as they are not racing on the river, but if you wish to avoid all our sailors. You can see on the previous post when they are travelling to the broads and back.


Should you wish to view our racing or just the Broad, please come onto the broad and do so. We request you travel round the outside of the broad, also if you wish to moor, please keep close to the banks. The windward end is always a good place to moor under the shelter of the trees..


 Mooring in the middle or travelling in the middle can be worrying for those not used to Broads sailing as boats come at you from all directions and they will get very close.

5th – 9th August 2019 , Racing on the river, between Dydlers mill and the HSC clubhouse / Swan Inn. With boats getting ready for racing between the club and the New Inn. The big cruisers may race as far as Woodcutters Dyke if the wind is in the right direction.  

The clubhouse under the “I” of the Swan Inn on the map

Dydlers mill is to the top left on the corner of the river above Decoy Broad,

Woodcutters dyke is on the river at the bottom left of the map


The only place for viewing is at the club or the Swan Inn Green, sadly the Blofield estate put no mooring signs on the bank further up the river a few years ago.


There are unlikely to be any competitors on the river before 09:15, or after about 17:30,


The best time to go through is 12:00 to 12:30, there will be just the odd tail-ender left.

Very much reduced numbers between 12:30 and 14:00


We TELL the competitors that if the motorboats are close to the bank (less than 6ft) to turn away and treat them as the bank.


Note, especially in the first race in the morning, there are a lot of beginners they may make mistakes,


Note, Some competitors may think the gap in front of you is big enough to tack in and out before you get there, so be aware you may have to slow or stop if they get it wrong.


Note, in Broads racing a few inches apart is a big distance, they will get very close to the side of your boat.


  We ask, Non competitors  / Motorboats to please stick to the bank, that's within 6ft of the bank, that way there is not enough room for a boat to sail between you and the bank. Getting boats all round you is a nightmare.

If there is a start coming up, you will see a lot of boats sailing across the river and back outside the clubhouse.

The races always start exactly on the 5 minutes (we use a radio-controlled clock).

 If you are just a minute from the start, if you could slow down and hold back till the start has gone, it should be easier for you to get through.


If it's really light weather, the boats tend to cover the river, if you are following the fleet all you can do is stick to the right hand bank and go forward when a gap appears.


If you are arriving with the fleet coming towards you with the wind behind them, slow down and if necessary come to a halt. The boats, when they arrive, will move out and round you, then you can go forward.

If they are coming towards you tacking from side to side of the river,  Please stick to the right hand bank and go forward as the boat Turns away from the bank you are on.



Should you have a problem with a boat, please make a note of the symbol and number on the sail, and if you can the broads registration number (letter followed by 3 numbers in the boat somewhere) as well please.  Report it to the club as soon as possible. The competitors all have to have their own insurance, and if needed we can then identify the competitor so you will be put into contact. 


We had someone report damage, a month later, saying it was a white coloured boat with a white sail, and then they claimed it was on a day we weren't racing!! Not suprisingly it was impossible to identify the boat concerned.


Hopefully that’s everything covered,


Please enjoy your trip out on the broads...

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Not long to go Now, Regatta Season starts on Saturday with Wroxham regatta. I've only sailed there a couple of times and they Don't seem to mind tourists going through the broad as long as it doesn't interfere with the racing. So I think that means keep to the edges or you'll get surrounded by sailing boats going everywhere.

From the odd occasion of sailing there, I'd say the thing to watch is their start line which goes from a flag pole on the club house, through another pole on the front decking to a lettered board on the other side of the broad. Which one being used is shown by a letter on the club house roof railings. If they are coming up to a start there will be a whole mass of Boats sailing down the start line and they won't give way to anything..

Of course just 9 days to the start of our regatta in Horning which was the main reason for this post.. to bump this thread up..

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Just a couple of things to add regarding Wroxham Regatta. Some times they go for a down broad start  from a floating platform just inside the up river entrance to the broad.The cruisers are racing around midday and 6pm as there will probably be over 30 boats out it does get a bit congested so probably best to avoid around these times unless you want to see the action in which case it is best to drop a mud weight at either end of the broad well away from any buoys with flags on them.

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It started yesterday with just two planned races in the afternoon.  On Black Horse broad.

A quiet start with thirty boats,  from a couples of toppers up to some 45 ft traditional broads cruisers. The only incident was a 40ft broads cruiser's bowsprit spearing between a toppers mainsheet. We rushed across in the rescue boat to help but one of the cruisers  crew managed to release the topper.  The helms aged between 10 years old to our Club President of over 90..

Later on we had a pursuit race being run on the river,  this had been cancelled earlier in the year due to gales .

One boat made a terrible decision to go between a hire motorboat and the bank. On finding there wasn't enough room they had to dive In to someone's shallow dyke , that effectively ended their race though they did get themselves out and continue.. 

And now a pretty picture of what I'm looking out on while drinking my coffee  before getting the rescue  boats out.. 


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Mooring all, 

Yesterday,  church service at the sailing club,  then up to the broad for sailing, minor adjustments to buoys. 

35 competitors  many more will turn up today.

Uneventful  first race, 

Second race,  after the preparation signal is given, the sea breeze kicked in and the wind shifted 90 degrees. Postponement while I charge around the broads moving marks. 

Once the race is going slight windshifts meant the windward mark becomes very tricky as the wind alternates round a headland,  causing interesting traffic jams.. 

Otherwise no incidents in that race or the next,  

The final race is for single-handed enterprise dinghies,  two minutes to the start one capsizes on the line,  he recovers but spent the rest of the race a long way back bailing when he could. 

Black at the club,  rescue boat handling competition for those not qualified to drive the rescue boat, 

Take boat out from mooring cleanly

Drive round first buoy forward 

Approach bank bow first to within 6 inches without  touching and hold during count down. 

Reverse round other buoy 

Back to mooring cleanly. 

At some random point I or my crew  threw in a fender and shouted man over board and they had to break off from above and rescue it. 

Had to shout at a private very posh day boat coming through  at excessive speed , I doubt the old man driving it has walked at 4mph for many years.. 

After that cream teas at the club house. 

Up 05:00 this morning,  SSS,  get my rescue boat ready,  get keep right sign / buoy  from the back of the landrover,  go put that in down river of the club,  and buoy one as I had that on board.


Time to go get the other rescue boats out. 

And a picture from yesterday.. 


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Afternoon all, 

I went to put up the flags at 07:58 and couldn't find them,  I'd left them at the bottom of the mast.. Then I looked up,,  they were up.... So I took them down,  ready for the 08:00 cannon.  Due to a misfire the cannon went off at 08:00:15. But I put the flags up at 08:00 anyway. 

08:05 go to put buoys out

08:45 Back to Clubhouse for bacon butty and coffee

09:15 on the water for vast hoards of juniors sailors.. In the first race series

10:30 the adults join in,  6 starts at five minute intervals,  

12:00 ish return to club house for a pasty and salad.. 

12:30 towed out a yacht from its mooring on a Lee shore., 

13:45 back on water for next series, and the next two series. 

Only one motorboat tried to weave it's way through the fleet,  not successfully 

One hire day boat questioned Why he Was stuck behind  a  sailing boat.. It was a non competing hired hustler class sailing,  boat nothing to do with us.... 

Only one laser needed rescuing from a Lee shore.

A laser and enterprise were not finished for rounding the incorrect buoy,  the rest of the fleet rounded the correct buoy but then missed their shortend course signal and did an extra lap.. 

18:10 buoys retrieved.

18:35 I'm off to get sausage and chips from the van that has been organised.. 

A few pints might go with it.... 

No pictures to day I couldnt risk this tablet in the rain... 





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I've certainly heard it, as I stand 20ft behind Ron counting down, to when   he fires the cannon,  at that point I haul up the flags.. 

65 different boats out yesterday,  a bit down on normal,  but some will have chickened out with us having rain several times yesterday.  Rain forecast for this afternoon... 

It's 06:45 the first buoy is in the water as I dropped it off on the way from my motorboat mooring,  a Muggacoffee is being consumed before getting the other rescue boats ou and hook up the flags ready.. 

Today's picture my chariot for the week







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On 25/07/2019 at 10:15, MauriceMynah said:

When in Sept ST? I may be up myself. (ok so loads of people have accused me of being "up myself" but to be honest, It just gives me back ache. :-) )

Hi John, we'll be there for a week from the 14th. We're hoping the tides will be favourable for a run up north for the first part of the week

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It's raining..  Oh no it isn't it's the Window cleaner who arrived at 06:00...

The other club cleaner for the inside arrived just now 06:34.


Yesterday was a day of sunshine and showers ER well down pours,  sitting in an operation dory in the rain is not pleasant even in full oilies. 


The first rescue attempt was for a topper dinghy who sailed into a tree.. Didn't look up as he smiled by the river bank.  I say attempt because he got himself out just as we got to him. 

At lunch time, I'd just delivered a crew across the river to their sailing cruiser, when a 45ft motorboat completely messed up going round the bend at the club,  with no outside assistance or Involvment of sailing craft. 

 He got blown onto a club members motorboat (luckily  sea going steel built) , and his bow was threatening some varnished Rebel class keel boats. 

I managed to quickly get a line from. the bow,  and using Max throttle in reverse,  get the bow out pointing into the river.   Mean while a crew member of the errant boat had gone ashore t o fend off..  He got left behind.. So I then went and collected him drove up to the motorboats stern and by pushing it kept the dory steady so he could step aboard. 


The rest of the day was uneventful  except for the rain. Which of course killed the wind leaving the very last boat of the day to motor home. 

This evening was quiz  night which went very well,  there were I think 16 teams,  we came 7th, I suspect the fact the team of 5 I joined consumed 6 bottles of wine over the evening didn't help the score... 


A picture of yesterday's racing





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The morning went well,  not too much problem.  The afternoon was a bit different,  a hire motorboat cruiser broke down,  between two of our buoys.. Although they had thrown their mud weight in  extreme to the bank,  the combination of wind and tide had them hanging out into the river,  35  ft of hire boat across under 100 ft of river is a big obstruction... 

It took about 4 hours for the engineer to fix it....  Meanwhile I was sheparding tourists round the obstruction  to keep the racing going.. 

 One tourist coming the other way had to have it explained to him that keeping to the right hand bank did not mean just to the right of the centre of the River..

 Later on I approached a motorboat and a head appeared to give me a lecture the he didn't need instruction on how to avoid yachts,  Mr high and mighty I recognized from a certain other club,  how I'm supposed to recognize him on top of his gin palace  looking into the brightness I don't know. 

Shortly after another boat gave me a lecture that he didn't need advice as he was experienced, funnily enough from the same sailing club... He  promptly wove his way through the boats zigzagging away towing his dinghy.

It says a lot about the attitude of members of that club,  I wouldn't join it even if I could afford it.. Neither would many others. 

 Shortly after it started to rain,  so I put my waterproofs on... So the sun came out.. 

Today's picture.. A dories. Eye view of a broads sailing cruiser... 


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Just a few extra words, 


I've been watching a couple of Marsh harriers up where I direct the floating traffic,  alternately the male and female. 


Yesterday a enterprise dinghy decided the tack in front of yeoman keelboats boat which had nowhere else to go... 200lbs of  enterprise verses 3/4 ton of yeoman...  The enterprise will not be taking any further part this week.. 


Today is the big day,  the original horning regatta day,   many more boats will appear from other clubs


Talking of anniversaries, its the 125th year of the NORFOLK and Suffolk boating association,  they are holding a big Doo at Coldham hall club on the 8th Sept..  Sadly  I won't make it.. 

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