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Broom Boating Holidays On Tv Tonight


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Probably produced by the same people who did the Susan Calman series which also featured dodge geography! It kept repeating they were featuring Norfolk. No, you featured Norwich and Great Yarmouth which just happen to be in Norfolk.

Should we assume they had a hand over where they were taught how to cast off and moor up? The cynic in me has noticed that a lot of these modern "travelogue" shows are no more than a series of adverts.

I was waiting for the token forager and lifeboat rescue.

Don't think I'll bother with the rest of the series.

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Hope they found somewhere to park the car at Brooms yard!!!!     Last time we went you had no chance of parking except a long way away.   Times in the past we used to park near to the boat after unloading but now they have got so big but no thought for parking our cards.

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Shame there was not much of the broads but it was a food show I guess. 

Must say the pairing of ainslsy and that lady (forgot her name alrady🤣)was good she always comes across as sultry in master chef the program was good fun and for once didn’t make Norfolk people look stupid unlike the Susan calman show. 

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I rather enjoyed the show

In an hours programme it was obvious to me that the locations they visited would be limited, but it introduced me to new areas of Norwich, as I didnt even know of the Assembly House for example which I found fascinating, although afternoon teas really dont float my boat and I must make a visit to the market one day soon.

I did smile when they went on the boat, as they certainly didnt go far, but the meal they made on board was of interest and I might try something similar in future.

I havent visited Great Yarmouth (passed it a few times mind!) in over 15 years, but it actually came across quite well

But I am with @Royas I actually enjoyed the watch, which in essence is what the programme is meant to do whilst giving people an insight into areas they may not know too well or did think they knew but brought something new to consider.

Ticked those boxes for me

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I flipped through it last night.       Grace looked frozen stiff,   it must have been mid winter as all of the boats were in the yard.   Yes a lovely boat but looked like a floating dormitory.   I am convinced Ainsley our lovely Ainsley was not at the helm and someone else was doing the driving down stairs.    Will probably have another look another day.



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