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Malanga / Silver Jubilee 1 Cruisin ( No G)


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Trip went downhill Tuesday sleep. Couldn’t wee and had really bad chills. Rang NHS111 weds am 08:36.


well at 10:23 we reached ludham  bridge, 111 lady was promising to stay on the line as the amburance came. 
long and short of it two kidney stones and a bladder infection revealed by a CT scan in James Pajet hospital


good news Justin is now home bad news below. I’m not….


May get away with Saturday pm 

temp this am 39.9




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They let me go after my inflammatory markers went down and two full days worth of IV antibiotics, gentamicin and coamoxiclav ( augmentin to the over 35s.) and my temp dropped early doors this am 03:00 or so to 36 from 39.9 they were worried at 39.9 and so was I.had my last I’ve push fluids stopped at 02:0 followed by 20ml IV Coamoxiclav ( which stung A LOT) 

Finally got out at 15:50


Got to boatyard at 16:38 and drove gingerly stopping every 35 mins for a pee home. Happily in bed now night all. 
many thanks for your thoughts and very kind wishes..





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James Paget university hospital is wonderful, the staff were amazing, I was alone, not doing well and they were there really caring I was not left alone unless I was sleeping was lovely. Couldn’t hug them as I came down with shingles at 06:00 this am just to cap off the horriblest week. 

The tea lady was my fav by far gold 

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Is this the bit where I admit to starting a new role on Wednesday next week. I’m doing my best to do      S   O   D   all until then. 

I must say I am never ever going to ignore mid back bilateral pain again EVER. 

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