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Poetic Justice?


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spotted an item in the paper today that reminded me of an incident froim a few years ago. Apparently someone  has installed a hidden camera filming people dumping unwanted junk in someone else's skip. While running a small building company this was a situation we  were only too familiar with. On one occasion we had a skip at our own  house in anticipation of  planned works. it was sited round the corner and out of sight if our house. I walked round to put something in it only to find a chap in the middle of dumping a large box of detritus.  In the skip was a load of old furniture so I told him to remove it and take it home with him. He was horrified and said it wasn't his and  he had  found it there when he had arrrived.  I pointed out that what he was doing was illegal and tehnically it was theft as  he was stealing space fromm the skip and I would call the police immediately and press charges if he failled to remiove it. He replied tht he would finish up with a lot of stuff that wasn't his.  Exactly as we would have done if I hadn't caught you was my answer. What' s it to be  removal or police the choice is yours. He took it and I wouldn't mind betting he never pinched some else's skip again.




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Probably a sign of the times but during alterations, my son put stuff outside his house and anything that wasn't rubble was removed, mostly after people had knocked the door and asked if they could take it.

On the other hand we have an ongoing job of clearing out my inlaws garage and shed. At the local tip, rubble is charged at £3 and bucket load. Flat window glass is charged at £3 a sheet and we had 7 sheets. Having arrived there I didn't want to take it home so I agreed reluctantly, to pay the £21. What a shame their card reader wouldn't work. Eventually they said I wouldn't have to pay and they told me to dump it in bin 31. In that bin was all the bricks and other rubble; no recycling then? Is it something about the type of glass? Anyway, I quickly nipped back to get another load of rubble before they fixed the card reader!

Is it any wonder that stuff get dumped in skips and lay-bys?

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My brother had a skip delivered to the verge in front of his house on the Friday to replace his roof over the weekend only to wake up on the Saturday morning to find it full. Nobody heard or saw anything, this meant no work over the weekend until skip emptied on Monday. skip man said this was not unusual and to sheet it over next time. John

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