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Has anyone looked at the Peregrine Falcon's recently?

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Hi Alan


I have been watching them from time to time, they have grown so much in a matter of days, do you know how long before they leave the nest (rooftop)?


I know nothing about Falcons but must admit to being fascinated by them since watching the web cam.



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Really don't know what went wrong there, could mods please delete. I was thanking Alan for his reply and tried to edit something, I will get the hang of this forum thing eventually lol


Thank you anyway Alan





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Hi Ian,


Looking at the video this morning they were all huddled in one corner next to the wall, it was only when I looked at the still photo that I knew there were four of them (I know there were four eggs, but was unsure how many had hatched) they were just a fluffy ball of eyes.


If you go into our webcams listings you can click onto a direct link to the website.




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Although i`ve not seen any of the footage, last year (actually, it might have been the beginning of this year) i was working in our back garden when i heard a double "thump". I looked up expecting to see Karen closing the windows in the bedroom, but she was`nt there. Then i remembered a few years back a bird flew into the garage window and broke its neck. When i looked at the garage window, i could see something moving in the bottom corner. When i got there, i found what i thought was a dead pigeon,being grey in colour, but when i picked it up, it was no pigeon, and as i took it out, it started to grip my finger with TALONS, good job i had heavy leather riggers gloves on, as it just got tighter, so this bird clearly was`nt dead, just stunned. I had a good look at it, and realised it was some bird of prey, which i then realised must have been chasing another bird, so back in the garage, and sure enough, there was another bird below the window, this one having a broken neck. When i took it outside, the other bird had come too, and was just taking it easy "mantling" on the ground. When it saw me, it scarpered, so i put the dead bird at the top of the garden for the local wildlife to feed on, which it did, as it was gone the next morning.


At first, i though it was a perregrine, but reading one of my bird books i descovered it was actually a female Sparrowhawk, and in the text about their habbits etc, it said "not uncommon to be found dead after chasing other birds down to ground level and flying into windows". So i took great pleasure in knowing this one had survived and regaines its freedom.


Karen and i are both interrested in birds of prey, and are always looking for a B o P centre wherever we go on holiday, we went to the one at Stonham barns while in Suffolk a month ago. So imagine the sheer buzz i got from knowing that for a few minutes, i had a wild Female Sparrowhawk in my hands. it`s something i can`t describe, but it really made my weekend. Drugs and alcahol could`nt give me the high i felt afterwards.



Regards to all ...................... Neil.

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