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Stop it .........please


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We recently spent two weeks on the lovely Broads. Using my IPad I really struggled to get enough access to cope with the rapid increase in Postings........but despite upsetting SWMBO several times as I was paying so much attention to reducing the unready down to zero I managed it.

Two weeks after my return I now find that even with good tinternet access I am struggling to do the same.

So please pause take a deep breath and slow down, post tortoise style. Then I can keep up.

Just joking. Enjoying the posts and increase activity. Welcome to anyone that I may have missed.

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Oye Max,


Please dinny do that, you scared the life out of me, and probably the other Mods with yer headline :naughty:


Personally I am having a busy time reading, and having a guid laugh at times, with some of the posts. Others are pure Broads Theatre, for all to enjoy and read or look at the pictures etc.


It will calm down, once folks find their way around all the Forum links.


Enjoy your searching Max,



cheers Iain.

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Have you tried using the forum on the Tapatalk app?


I actually signed up for Tapatalk but unsure why I would need it at the moment.....?

I guess I need to read what its all about...instead of just clicking on anything that appears on my new phone!

Sadly :-(  I ditched my Nokia 6230i (pressure from wife & family!) and moved onto a Iphone5S plus an Ipad, so just struggling with these at the moment! ;-)




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Progress!!!  :cry  :norty:  i struggle to write a simple text now! Plus I often ring people when Im only trying to view their number....., just the slightest to touches it classes it as an instruction!


Plus im starting to argue with  'Siri' more & more now!.......Im positive thats very close to a sign of madness when i'm arguing with my phone!!..... :roll:   

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Cor! all these new fangled phones, mines a ten year old steam driven Vodaphone thingy on pay as you go that I rarely turn on, in all that time I've only used £15 credit, well not I! the wife uses it if hers runs out, I think I've only sent about 8 texts because I never take my reading glasses so can't see to send them, so why do I have one I hear you ask, well I use it as an alarm clock to remind me it's time to take my pills, I knew I'd find a use for it eventually, I'm phonaphobic I hate them, if the home phone rings I call Judi or ignore it, on the rare occasion I have answered it, I just say "WHAT"



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I have a Nokia 520.    It has been threatened several times with going out of the window.    I cannot get on with the stupid idea that when you unwittingly happen to speak when you go into the phone section , for no good reason it starts to ring any old number that you have stored.    Then each time I put the phone down it blessed well starts saying Speak Now and some woman starts bleating on about she cannot hear me.   Well that is because I didnt want that service in the first place.    Whatever happened to a mobile that just phoned telephone numbers that you required and only came on when you switched it on.   It drives me witless.

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