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Another potential fatality


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The unfortunate lady may not have even been on a boat to start with so not surprising that she wasn't wearing a life jacket. How many if us wear one for a riverside stroll? I know I don't.

Let's hope she pulls through and recovers 100%.

If you're going to be spending any decent amount of time near water then it should probably be a consideration.

Don't want to turn this into a debate though - all the best to the lady and well done to the red-cross chap, shows first aid really does save lives...

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I'm Not saying anything about the rescue but.

the response

"Ten police cars, an ambulance crew, a rapid response vehicle, ambulance officer, and East Anglian air ambulance attended yesterday"


Which I think is a bit over the top.

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Hope she gets well soon, if there's life there's hope.



I have never seen anyone walking near a river wearing a life jacket apart from children, worth waiting for the facts before judging.


The police are told of a lady in the water, did she come from a sinking boat with 6 people on board, if she fell off a boat why didn't the other crew phone the police, did she fall from the bank whilst walking alone.

The police had little to go on and had to respond accordingly, worth waiting for the facts before judging.

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Have to agree with TheQ, Ten police cars is somewhat of an over reaction. I suppose they were all a bit bored sitting drinking tea in the station.

Let's be honest nobody has any idea what the initial call was so let's not be overly critical.

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How ever many Police and rescue services were involved is not really important, there is a very poorly lady fighting for her life, our thoughts and prayers should focus on her, the details of what happened will be made public soon enough, let's hope for a happy ending and she makes a full recovery, my thoughts are with her and her family



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