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  1. I think it’s normally channel 4.
  2. brundallNavy

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    Do squatting rights apply in this case if so he might just end up owning the plot, You need planning permission to permanently stay in one place end of.
  3. brundallNavy

    Tudor Reformation

    Oh maybe an idea for a challenge at Beccles, (Griff might win that one )
  4. brundallNavy

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    Looks like an extension to the caravan park in the top right hand corner as you enter the broad.
  5. brundallNavy

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    The planning application is there but cannot see any details.
  6. brundallNavy

    Hourly Labour Rate

    If your talking just labour then around £35 - 40 per hour would be around right, but I suspect it is not that simple.
  7. brundallNavy

    Tudor Reformation

    Yep that’s why they are 25ft lol. We talked about 2 bow lines but I only have 3 mooring lines and just take the one from the stern to use as a spring, given the difficulty in splicing this rope we settled on just one.
  8. Just bring them with you Oby loves making new friends.
  9. brundallNavy

    Diy Sos (forum Style)

    Items achieved. Hull sanded and one coat of paint. Cabin sides sanded and screw holes plugged. Diesel heater fitted. Calorifier fitted. New battery box fitted New fridge fitted. New cooker fitted. Bottom of hull seams filled. New section of cabin side fitted. Various window hoppers made and fitted. Water pump moved and plumbed in. Second layer of deck fitted to over half of deck. Lots of small items sanded for paint / varnish. And probably items I wasn’t aware of.
  10. brundallNavy

    Diy Sos (forum Style)

    Well I’m shattered !! When I can up with this idea I only envisioned maybe 5 or 6 people willing to give up their weekend to help out a friend, how wrong could I be. I think yesterday we had 17 people at one point and another good turnout today, it was a challenge keeping so many people busy but I’m staggered how much we achieved it would have taken Tim and myself 3 months to be were we are at end of play today. A special thanks go out to Ally who spent all weekend under the boat filling seams, with a little bit of help today she managed to complete the whole hull. A big thank you also to The girls for manning the galley and also to Pat and Mike for keeping us topped up with supplies. Many thanks for all those that came to help it has been much appreciated. Doug.
  11. brundallNavy

    My Day

    ‘Q”. do you remember Black Arrow..
  12. brundallNavy

    My Day

    I went on a sailing course at Stonehouse in Plymouth and we had to race Bosuns on the first day and the spinnaker was mandatory. After rounding the windward mark up they went but most were upside down inside out or the clue attached to the hailyard. Of course I was fine as my crew was the RN bosuns champions daughter. Our instructor was not impressed and threatened to send us home.
  13. brundallNavy

    Leaving A Side On Mooring When It's Windy

    Well don’t bother asking the host, he was rubbish this week.
  14. brundallNavy

    Leaving A Side On Mooring When It's Windy

    Just mind the rudder doesn’t fall off
  15. brundallNavy

    Diy Sos (forum Style)

    Guests checked in Hotel Nipper, just had supper in the Ferry back home for an early night. Hope I don’t forget anything tomorrow, see you all in the morning. Doug.

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