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  1. Flying Bathtub

    Not if it’s under 70kgs empty weight, curtesy of the new EU regs.
  2. Last week someone decided to use the Coltishall road roundabout as a car park, it is very difficult to see these roundabouts in the dark it needs better lighting.
  3. Broads Toll

    Mines gone up by just over £12 so cancels out the reduction I got last year.
  4. Guess Who Just Got Wed?

    Well done you two.
  5. Ginger nut or the football.
  6. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I remember when they checked the extinguishers in the WRAF block at St Athan all the gas cylinders where missing, cannot think what the girls used them for
  7. The Haven Bridge

    If you want to know how this type of bridge works there is a feature on ITV news Norfolk (on now)
  8. The Haven Bridge

    Sounds like a load of waffle to me.
  9. Vintage Day Boat From Hw

    I wish they hadn’t painted the cabin side, it just doesn’t look right.
  10. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Or the Riggers, nothing happens without them.
  11. Sea Sickness - Oh Joy And Glee!

    I did once get seasick on a windsurfer in the black water estuary. There seems to be a pattern forming
  12. Sea Sickness - Oh Joy And Glee!

    During August 1985 we hired a T31 sailing boat from Falmouth, after being stuck in the Helford river for the first 3 days we finally made it up the coast to Salcombe. The following day we had planned a trip across to the Channel Islands but decided due to the weather forecast to head back down coast towards Plymouth. We passed a large white object sitting upside down on the rocks but didn’t take much notice. On reaching Fowey harbour the crew had had enough with all but one being sea sick. We moored up on the visitors moorings which are directly in line with the harbour entrance, as the boat was being tossed all over the place we took the decision to head to the nearest hotel for the night. The following morning we called the water taxi to take us back to the boat and he headed off towards the yacht club moorings, sorry I said we are down there on the visitor moorings oh no your not came the reply we move it last night due to the.wind. On arrival back into Falmouth we found the harbour full of Fastnet boats and the white hull we had seen days earlier was Drum Simon LeBon’s yacht that had lost its keel. Not a pleasant two week holiday during which I got very friendly with the big white telephone that was the last sailing holiday in the UK preferring Greece but that’s another story.
  13. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Most of my sea experience has been in rag and sticks and this was by far the worst conditions I have experienced. Would I do it again Hmm probably not, would I have missed the opportunity to be a small part of Robins fantastic adventure. Definitely Not.
  14. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I was alway taught you keep the weight as far back as possible and nice and low to stop the bow digging in
  15. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I’m still not back to normal, I got sick having a bath this morning.

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