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  1. Paul

    Talking Pictures Tv Film Channel

    It is next on Thursday 24 May, 13:30 You can watch Talking Pictures TV on Virgin 445, Freesat 306, Freeview or Youview 81 or on the Sky digital satellite platform, channel 328.
  2. Paul

    Diesel Emissions.

    There is an awful lot of utter codswallop being spouted in the petrol / diesel / hybrid debate, both by Governments and Manufacturers both determined to protect their own best interests. It's hardly surprising that people have no idea what the real truth is, in fact most "experts" don't either. Diesel engines produce carcinogenic particulates, we have known that for years, twenty years at least. Well before the UK government decided to promote diesel as the preferred fuel for road cars by changing the VED bands in their favour in 2005. So, we should all drive petrol cars to avoid these particulates, right? Wrong, petrol engines also produce carcinogenic particulates with the most modern direct injection engines being the worst offenders, some worse than equivalent diesels. In fact a recent study in Switzerland suggested it was more important to fit particulate filters to direct injection petrol engines than to diesel.
  3. Paul

    The Sandford Myth

    I understood it. Should I be worried?
  4. Paul

    The Sandford Myth

    I would take a few issues with the original post, based purely on what I have witnessed or learned from a lifetime of visiting the Broads and fifteen years or so of presence of forums such as this one. I have not detected any personal animosity towards the Chief Executive of the Authority, in fact quite the opposite, some of the Authorities most vocal critics have made clear that they find him a pleasant, learned and reasonable individual. Their frustration from what I have seen is based on a difference of opinion rather than any personal dislike. I have seen the pro NP lobby trying to dismiss the Sandford Principle (regardless of what name you choose to apply to it) using the argument that it has been very rarely used in other National Parks, and whilst that is true those NP's are very different to the Broads which would pose a different set of pressures for which Sandford might well be the final judgement. In such cases it is not only navigation that would lose out, but many other activities, not least angling.
  5. Paul

    Bye Bye

    No forum is perfect, this one is simply less imperfect than most others, in my opinion. That's not intended as a criticism, quite the opposite. That said, I have, as others have already commented, seen an increase of confrontation and intolerance in recent months. It started on the forum's facebook page first causing me to leave that group and has crept into the forum too. I am not sure that a facebook presence has done the forum any favours. Some comments have been made about the moderators reluctance to act against this, but be careful what you wish for. Other forums (or should that be fora?) have been all but destroyed by over aggressive moderation. The only workable solution is that we, as the plebeian rank and file consider carefully our own posts, and ensure our reactions to anything we disagree with are positive and constructive rather than critical. I have suggested on another forum to which I contribute, if my sporadic outpouring of inane dribble can be misconstrued as contribution, that good bye / I'm off type posts be outlawed by TOS, and that has been adopted on trial. They are rarely helpful, usually quite petty and often to some degree at least snide. If there are members you wish to inform of your departure a PM is the better option.
  6. Paul

    Rnli Online Shop

    I have family who have lived in or around Poole, home to the RNLI's headquarters for many years and this thinking has been prevalent in the local community for some time.
  7. Crikey, what a great response, I will have a good read over the weekend. Thanks for finding that for me EastCoastIPA. My original post was borne of general interest, not in anyway intended to suggest that either the author of the report, the UEA or BA were guilty of any failing. My interest was originally piqued, or at least I thought by a post on the British Canoe website, but it might have been something on the Song of the Paddle forum previously referenced which I found whilst looking for something similar conducted on another waterway around 7 or 8 years ago.
  8. The Broads Authority commissioned UEA to undertake a study into the provision and status of Broadland's staithes least year, it was due to be published last summer but I don't recall having seen anything. Did I miss it?
  9. Paul

    Broad Ambition - The Model

    these really are quite extraordinary Grendel, are you ready to make a 1:1 scale yet?
  10. Paul

    What Would You Pay Extra Tolls For?

    Perfectly true VC Yes they do, an annual permit, valid for those parts of the Canal network not operated by Angling clubs costs £20 per year for an adult yes they are. CRT say they "work with", whether that means they lease the fishing rights or grant them free I know not. If you join as a club or society you get a certain number of pegged matches free each year, depending on the number of members (minimum 10) Full information is available on the CRT website here: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/waterway-wanderers
  11. Paul

    What Would You Pay Extra Tolls For?

    The EA receive revenue from the Rod License, but to fish the canals you have to pay, either the angling club controlling the fishery or to the Canals & Rivers Trust (British Waterways as was). I'm surprised nothing similar exists on the Broads.
  12. Paul

    What Would You Pay Extra Tolls For?

    I've often wondered why the Broads Authority don't charge anglers to fish on the broads, in the same way anglers have to pay to fish the canals.
  13. Paul

    What Do We Want At Acle Bridge?

    Me too! Me Three
  14. Paul

    What Do We Want At Acle Bridge?

    If the speed limit is shown in a red circle it is mandatory, regardless of whether it is a temporary sign at roadworks or other obstruction, on a gantry or other structure on a motorway or however else it may be displayed, it is the red circle which makes the limit mandatory. If there is no red circle it is an advisory limit but you may still be prosecuted under other offences such as due care etc if you do not comply with them. Where contradictory signs are displayed the lower limit always applies, so if a contractor has forgotten to obscure the main road signage when placing a temporary limit, (or the method of obscuring fails) the lower limit still applies.
  15. Paul

    Are You, Like Me, A Fat Pig?

    I'm one of those few people who is the ideal weight for their height, sadly I am just 23 inches shorter than I should be.

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