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  1. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    White goods companies who generously offer you a 10 parts guarantee, but then want to charge you £150 for an engineer to fit it!!!! more annoying when they changed the failed part after 2 months and 11 months later it goes again. Oh, it's gone past the 12 month period now!!!!
  2. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    People who go to Womack just to dispose of rubbish!!! only joking of course.
  3. 24hr Moorings To Become 48hr?

    At least the beer is the right temperature! problem is a hot toddy is more appropriate!!!
  4. 24hr Moorings To Become 48hr?

    A few points. A) if your moored up for 48hrs water is the least of your worries. Power is. You must have a great boat if you can go that long with no shore power or your going to cheese a few people of running your engines all the time. B) why no hoses? Well probably to prevent. Problems with pipes freezing (not the hose pipes) but also h&s as water will sit in said hoses for a long time festering before some punter fills their tank. There will be less usage C) can we stop whinging about the brundall navy who are not all on the hard. I know loads who will be out over winter. From that I've heard maybe it's the woosey hire fleet who arent out? D) I am always winterised because my wife cannot stand the cold. Now I could go out alone or with friends, but love is such that we still like to do things together. Maybe when I hate her this will change! Either that or Grace we need to meet( don't let your hubby though) and E) Don't encourage people to just moor up and stay put. They will just get used to it. And I just thought of F) why don't the BA just use a bit of common. If it's that quiet in the winter, stay in the Boat yard and save fuel. Simples
  5. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    Alan, I don't believe for a moment you would wear your JP type hat to dinner with his lordship? Even if he insisted
  6. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    The wearing of hats, especially baseball caps on back to front, indoors, on aeroplanes and even more annoying in a restaurant!! even worse, if said culprit is of an age who should know better.
  7. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    M11 and in fact anywhere I'm going
  8. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    People in the outside lane who can only manage 62mph while overtaking a vehicle doing 61.999mph then (eventually a mile after passing) pull in and accelerate to 85mph!! god this feels good. I can see this thread going on
  9. Fire Extinguishers

    As Cheesey makes a point I have never seen a boat with one either.
  10. Fire Extinguishers

    Auto extinguisher.
  11. Fire Extinguishers

    Saw these composite fire extinguishers at a show today. Purposely chose a web link from a different company though. https://www.safelincs.co.uk/britannia-fireworld-service-free-fire-extinguishers/ maybe more beneficial in a salt water marine environment but I like the idea of not having to worry about corrosion!! Price and whether they will pass a BSC might be an issue. I did ask about fm-200 gas alternatives for engine bays and he said the foam was the best option and they had fitted some!!! Not on my boat it won't be!!! i am sure there will be some comments but just my opinion as usual
  12. Breydon Water Closed To Hire Boats

    Boing said Zebedee think they do this to stop people getting stuck trying to get under the bridge or trying to turn round when they realise it's too low. Having a marker by Berney Arms would be helpful if people knew it was there and took heed.
  13. Weekend Trip

    Just a little update on a very short trip I took with mate last weekend. Not much time to go far so we just cruised down to Cantley. Good to see the pub fairly busy at 2pm and even into the evening. Scampi and chips was excellent. Apparently next year they are building a conservatory on the end where the games room is. I wish them lots of success. Sunday we trundled back to rockland for lunch at the new inn. The staithe was pretty busy but we moored up on the dyke as we needed the exercise. Good to see they were busy as well and a good roast dinner was had with a drop of Green Jack. It was good to see both pubs doing well especially at this time of year and long may they continue with their success.
  14. Well That Was A Rough Night

    Moosey what was the water height like at Cantley? springs today I think. tide up at brundall was a tad high Tuesday and was thinking of staying at Cantley Saturday.
  15. Some Urgent Questions

    A lot of the general water points also get turned off over winter. One of the reasons we ended up with a bigger boat was the size of the waste and water tanks. 2 days and the tank was full (if we were careful) and the fresh water tank was good for maybe 2 showers!!! fine for a weekend.... but then we aren't into wild camping. More like camping with our butler to turn the bed down i can appreciate the simplicity of it though. Good luck.

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