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  1. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Not on FB so hadn't heard. I hope it is nothing serious? easy to trip or fall in those seas
  2. Well Done BA On These Two Prosecutions

    That will be a broom filming a marketing video then. too busy filming to see mere anglers It's a joke guys. I'm an angler and only ever been affected by the scullers. I was fishing on their start line
  3. Notification Of Repair Work On 24 Hour Moorings

    A subbie will use a lot of self employed, no contract staff etc. Less pension, sick pay etc. Its the way of the world. We all want it cheaper and quicker! now a well managed own set of staff should be able to compete imho. And as we have just seen, not all large companies are profitable or can do stuff cheaply! Let's not get into a discussion about bonuses!!!!
  4. Breydon Bridge Currently Not Operational!

    I would always plan GY than Lowestoft and the lock. Bridges working of course. Then there is the issue of the lock working? Not that I have heard it isn't. They will still need the rail bridge lifting at Mutford so another little challenge. Of course Lowestoft is a good safe haven if it gets rough. Just watch out for the sea cats. They don't take prisoners!
  5. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Back to the aerial photos. Get a man with a plane!!!! youd need a very big drone otherwise!!!
  6. One Extreme To The Other

    The low water at Wells on Saturday was extremely low. Virtually no water in the channel.
  7. Is It Just Me? Broom Boats Videos

    I would have thought most of the speed traffic was post repairs, then second hand sales pitches followed by new boats. My boat has been up there twice in the last 5yrs and it aint new and it ain't a broom or Haines.
  8. Is It Just Me? Broom Boats Videos

    Marshman is correct in that speed trials on this stretch are heavily restricted with logs and trade plates having to be visible. They should do a normal 6mph run to make sure no one is moored on that stretch before a speed trial starts. As also mentioned they need to slow down well before and oncoming boat gets to them. NBS will no doubt test here as well as NYA and Brooms. Or anyone else who pays for trade plates and registers with the BA. The second vid looked like a run into surlingham broad before the speedy bit. With regards to both though, how many people in the area are they pitching this at? Not many and the ones interested might not care too much about the bit of wash caused when filming anyway. Its certainly been like this as long as I can remember, but maybe stopping this will get all the posh boats off the river and put a few more people out of work!!!
  9. Interesting Swing Bridge Facts

    Glad it was interesting folks. Always good to see what is happening in that little box up on high i thought it was all tea and biscuits in there. Fair play to network rail for showing them round.
  10. Interesting Swing Bridge Facts

    Totally stolen so hope I don't get into trouble with sharing this link. I am sure the broom owners club will not mind. Thought it had some useful information for anyone who has had problems getting a response on the vhf from reedham or Somerleyton! https://broomowners.com/regions/eastern-region/eastern-region-events/825-visit-to-somerleyton-bridge
  11. Funnies

    That looks like a Trader!!! No blue fender though so it can't be robin!!
  12. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Way too complicated for me Robin. Will let you work your magic on it. be interesting to see how she rolls in a heavy sea or beam on swell. Good luck with the final preparations for you cruise north.
  13. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Just a question really and something I have always thought was best practice. Most boats are designed with separate port and starboard systems. Fuel and electrical. In the event one has a major problem the other engine will hopefully still work. Mixing fuel seems a bad idea. If you have bad fuel, the bug or anything else. If you mix it up both engines die? My boat has different systems. Sure I can link the batteries once one engine starts to counteract a flat battery but would never join my fuel tanks! mind you my tanks are down the middle so even if I did empty one there would be no list. Although how you get to the stage where one tank has so much more fuel in than the other so that it lists a 55 footer would be a massive problem surely I'd be heading for a safe haven before it got that bad . hopefully once you have it all cleaned you won't have to worry.
  14. Fishing Rights Question

    Not on certain lakes. And I think there are some old canal type waters down in Kent that are private and don't have a close season as they aren't classed as proper waterways anymore.

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