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    Beer, wine, fishing, boats, walking, more beer and wine, cycling and once in a while taking the motorbike out for a spin.
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  1. Fishing Rights Question

    And I believe normal close season rules apply. As JM says, just go fishing and enjoy you lucky sod!
  2. Sunrise/ Sunset

    I like a good tilt and some good news. As Ian says though, only another week and and it's daylight here we come
  3. Broad Ambition - The Model

    By the looks of that finish Griff is going to have to up his game!!!!
  4. Southwold Harbour Pontoon

    Have they got water and leccy on their now? Wasn't available in the summer.
  5. Still In Shorts

    You don't have to be on a super bike to get trashed! If you have seen what a road does to a ladies skin wearing a skimpy top when hit from behind whilst stationary. Say no more. I really wish I wasn't sensible sometimes, but when you see the shorts and sandals brigade on scooters etc when on holiday. Doh!!! And they whinge when their travel insurance doesn't cover them.
  6. Floating Pontoons Or Not?

    Always on a floater if I can. Have had fixed and floating at brundall and whilst the fixed is fine, I just like the no worries on a pontoon. Especially if you get a big tide. 2 yrs ago we had a big tide the day my boat was being lifted and the NYA guys were running around adjusting mooring lines. Don't happen often though.
  7. Who’s Dropped What In The Broads ?

    A friend dropped one of our new posh plastic boat glasses over the side. They only sell them in sets so we have 3 extras for spares now!!!! and my boss!!!! We did pull him out again though
  8. Had to have a filter fitted on my old boat - 7 yrs ago as the engine didn't have a separate compartment and would have dripped into the bilge if I'd had a leak. Current boat has its own separate engine compartment and what is really its own floor rather than drip tray so not needed. To be honest I think they are a good idea.
  9. Taking The Mole!

    It looks a great way to remove the moles and mole hills..... and replace them with trenches!!!! £2k a machine plus the propane. The sticks and coke bottles sound good
  10. Taking The Mole!

    Now I have 2 moles to catch. If by any chance they do have names like Eric and Ernie I shall let you know. In the meantime I shall be turning the front lawn over to kids windmills and coke bottles. I shall probably try and avoid the gas option. Although it would be blooming funny. well to swmbo anyway.
  11. A Tasty Beaver!!!!

    Seriously. Quite smokey with a little peppery zing. And she appreciated it as well. Sorry couldn't resist that!
  12. Taking The Mole!

    You have no idea what I have tried!! i also read a strong solution of mint also works. The solar mole scarres do seem to work, but have spent a small fortune on those and then they die!!! Now it looks like I need a trip to the sea side!!!
  13. Damage To Bathing Platform

    That looks a bloody good repair. Well impressed.
  14. Taking The Mole!

    Having been on a one man mission to catch the little devil that is trashing my front lawn for several months I didn't think I had become obsessed. maybe I have though!!! the wife was unusually insistent I checked my mole traps today. normally she doesn't care. Oh how I laughed when I went to check the traps. someone is taking the wee
  15. A Tasty Beaver!!!!

    Not quite cooked on the boat, we had a jolly nice omelette made with beaver salami. Very unusual, but very tasty. A bit tough so glad I still have my own teeth!!!! and a tasty bit of beaver for a Sunday!!!!

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