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  1. DaveRolaves

    The "kick" Of The Propellor

    info from the web which may help.....Put your engine in reverse at one-quarter throttle while tied to a dock and look over the stern quarters. If you see prop wash on the starboard side, then your propeller is right-handed and your stern will walk to port. If the wash is on the port side, your prop is left-handed and will kick the stern to starboard. Right handed prop walks to port in reverse Left handed prop walks to Starboard in reverse.
  2. DaveRolaves

    From Mark Twain

    Twenty Years from now You will be disappointed By the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do so - throw off the bowlines Sail away from the safe harbour Catch the trade winds in your sails Explore Dream and discover. ............................................................................................................................. Sounds good what do you think?
  3. DaveRolaves

    Burgh Castle Moorings

    I cant see why just adding possibly two hook up points to this supply is going to cause problems. After all its just boiling kettles, powering immersion heaters,powering fridges, running fan heaters and charging batteries etc. The broads authority monitors this forum and others JP may be able to clarify the position if he is monitoring this discussion
  4. DaveRolaves

    Burgh Castle Moorings

    The supply from the pumping station at Burgh Castle is about 150 yards away. The pumping station at The Berney is just a few yards away. The RSPB cottages just upriver from the mooring are connected to the electricity supply. Is there also a electricity supply connected to The Berney Mill?
  5. DaveRolaves

    Burgh Castle Moorings

    It would be good to see some electric hook up points at the extensive free 24 hour mooring at The Berney. There is a electric pump station positioned just a few yards away near the mill so a electricity supply could be a possibility.
  6. DaveRolaves

    The "kick" Of The Propellor

    If you clean the prop up you should see the size and LH or RH marked on the centre boss. My prop is right handed and in reverse the boat walks to port.
  7. DaveRolaves

    Toilet Pump

    When the toilet gets hard to pump I remove the piston by unscrewing the 6 screws and lift the piston assembly out. Then clean the seal with WD 40 and then lubricate the seal with Vaseline. Seems to work well.
  8. DaveRolaves

    All Phones Say National Park

    The rangers were at the free 24 hour mooring at Hardley Cross this morning. They replaced three signs and the new signs are headed The Broads National Park.
  9. DaveRolaves


    Check out the ASAP marine supplies website, they are able to supply everything you need. Ask for a copy of their catalogue - its worth having. ASAP are at Ellough near Beccles if you want to collect otherwise they will deliver.
  10. DaveRolaves


    Goodchilds are always more competitive than Brooms for fuel. Under the new management Brooms have become too expensive. If you want your boat hauled out of the water and stored ashore during the winter months and then launched in the spring then Brooms will cost you £1000 more than some other boatyards.
  11. DaveRolaves

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    I have a Beta Marine engine in my boat. Beta Recommend WD40 to lubricate switchgear. I have used it for many years and have sprayed the engine with it, it keeps rust at Bay and keeps water out.
  12. DaveRolaves

    Touch-up Required

    Our vinyl lettering came from SAC and have been on the boat for 12 years and still look good as new.
  13. DaveRolaves

    Best Route To Sea

    If the trip is a holiday as well then consider stopping off at Southwold for a day or two. Great Yarmouth to Southwold takes about 1.5 hours and Lowestoft to Southwold takes just under the hour.You could contact the harbour master at Southwold and he would reserve a mooring for you. Re the Berney arms moorings there are no electric hook ups there at present. One disadvantage of going out at Great Yarmouth is that if the sea conditions are not right then you would have to return and moor at the town Hall Quay moorings which are not good and you could be stuck there for 24 hours before you could get back onto the broads. As has been said if you exit via Lowestoft then you could moor at the r.n and Suffolk marina the seaward side of the lift bridge until conditions improve for your continued passage to the south.
  14. DaveRolaves

    Best Route To Sea

    We normally go out to sea via Great Yarmouth and have also gone out at Lowestoft. If your first stop over is on the Orwell then Shotley Marine or Woolverstone are both OK. To take advantage of the flood tide I would consider leaving Yarmouth at about half flood, then you would have the tide behind you all the way. If leaving Yarmouth turn south out of the harbour and keep close in all the way down to the twin buoys at Lowestoft then turn out to sea via The Stanford Channel. Once clear of the Lowestoft approaches head down the coast.. There are no real problems but watch out for Crab pots and nets from Southwold onwards. Keep in fifty feet plus of water when going past Dunwich and Aldeburgh (Just over a mile off) to avoid the nets and pots. Watch out for the nets and pots off The Deben area. If you have time call in at Southwold, there are good overnight moorings there on both sides of the river (call southwold on C12) Dave R -
  15. DaveRolaves

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    We have a broom 10/70. The domestic battery bank consists of 3 lead acid Lucas batteries with a total output of just over 300 amps. We have a Waeco fridge. The Domestic batteries we have are now 7 years old and still hold their charge well. The cost of replacement at discount rates is just over£300.. We have a bow thruster and the power for that comes off one of the engine starter batteries - a bow thruster is only used very occasionally I cant see the need for a dedicated battery for that. Our previous boat a Lochin 33 had the same system for powering the bow thruster and we never had any problems.

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