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Can anyone help me with a technical measure...y...mechanical question to do with cantilever hinges?

I've been so busy making gifts for other people that I forgot Ellie my nearest and dearest. I noticed the other day that she's carrying her sewing 'tackle' around in a carrier bag. So I decided to make her one of those old fashioned sewing boxes like this...


only a bit better if I can, for Chrismas. That way she can use it for make up, keepsakes or anything else. I have some nice bits of maple and black walnut that I'm thinking of making into panels, then instead of the simple construction of the example above I found on instructables I was going to use box joints. Using box joints would mean altering the size of the individual boxes as all of the router cutters I have are in imperial and the plans are in mm. Here's the question regarding the positioning of the hinges and their length.

Am I right in thinking that as long as the hinges are attached to the centerline of the top and middle boxes and the same distance down from the top of the bottom box...the hinges will still work if I alter the size of the boxes? Here are the plans of the above box.



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Blinkin' heck, Tim, you're talkin' a bit clever here, especially for those of us brought up on lead pipes, aluminium saucepans and having straight family trees. Actually I made one of those boxes at school and yes, I think that you are right. Got to be accurate though, my school project wasn't. You can buy 'em in Dunelms, they work too, guaranteed! 

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Hinge Help Please?

I'm on the last stage of building the sewing box above for my better half Ellie. But I'm once again stuck and was hoping someone might know the answer to a question on butterfly hinges? Would there be a problem with rounding over the top edge of a box and it's lid if I was going to apply butterfly hinges?

I deviated somewhat from the plans and made the box a little bit smaller. I've also rounded over the external edges of the box as a whole, but I also want to round over the external edges of the box to disguise where each individual box meets and because I have some small spots of 'tear out' in the sepele that I can't sand out or fill.

Here's where I'm up to, and I want to round over the top edge of the box and underside of the lid.Will the butterfly hinges still work?


I forgot to add the cantilever hinges work! :party:


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On 21/12/2016 at 5:32 PM, brundallNavy said:

The pictures don't show up on my iPad , so cannot help, don't forget only 3 days before the big reveal.


I managed to complete the box today Doug...phew! I was awake gone midnight applying the last coat of finish and up at 5:30am this morning taping up ready for flocking the inside of each sub-box. Last polish over half an hour ago. The first big reveal of one of the toughest projects in my short woodworking experience.


I know I messed the lids up but I can have another go at them later I hope? But it does all work.



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