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Dont Let Them Get Ya!!!!


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North Norfolk residents are being urged to be vigilant following reports of suspected rogue traders operating in the area.

Over the weekend officers received reports of young men cold calling at addresses in Fakenham, Wells next the Sea and Cromer, offering household products. The suspects claimed to be working for a young offenders scheme (Norfolk Youth Offending Team confirm this is not the case) and appeared to all be in their late teens and early 20s.

Engagement Officer PC Andy MASON said: "Remember that you do not have to open your door to cold callers. Close and lock your back door before answering the front door. If you do not recognise the person, speak through the closed and locked door. If they are selling something, tell them you are not interested and ask them to leave. If they persist tell them you will call the police and call us on 999. If you have any doubt – keep them out.”

Our colleagues at Norfolk County Council's Trading Standards advise that residents never agree to buy goods from, or have work done, by someone that calls unannounced at their door, or approaches them on the street.

Often such traders don't provide full names, trading addresses or contact telephone numbers, resulting in it being virtually impossible to trace them if there are any problems with the work or goods - which is all too often the case.

Anyone feeling threatened by a cold caller should call 999 immediately.

Anyone with information about suspected rogue traders should contact police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


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We have a notice on the front  door window advising callers that we do not buy at the door. It doesn't keep them all  away but for the most part seems to work.

 My pet hate is religion pedlars particularly those trailing little kids around the streets with them. I  have been known to speak quite sternly to people like this ( for which read give them a right bawling out!).


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I can cope with traders, 'thank you but no thanks' seems to work for me okay. However, like Carol,  I also dislike the religious ones, especially those who don't identify themselves, or their religion, for fear I suppose, of having the door slammed in their faces. Some of them are insistent but I normally win the day when I ask 'is their church the one that sets itself above God'? I then go on to suggest that God has allowed doctors the miracle of being able to cure folk by the use of blood transfusions. Todate it has never failed!  Actually I worked with a member of an annoying American money making church, travelling together for two to six hours a day. By heck I learned all the answers! Another one that never seems to fail was to accept their invitation to their place of worship provided they would come to mine first.  I never ever get a repeat visit although another member of that congregation might try their luck. The older elders probably send 'em round as part of their indoctrination. Wish 'em a happy Christmas, you might get a rye smile in return!

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Cold callers really aren't a problem to us. A polite, even sympathetic, but firm "no" has always worked for us. I feel sorry for the genuine ones, it's a rotten way to earn money.

As for the religious ones, I find that the mezuzah on our front door usually does the trick :-)


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when they start talking I make a point of finding the particular book for their religion in the bookcase by the front door, of course I quite often get the wrong book, and sometimes it is erich von danikens was god a spaceman, or the book by a nasa engineer on the mechanics of ezekials spaceship, and then if that doesnt scare them, I can at will spend an hour going through and comparing all of the different aspects of different religions that really are the same, it took one jehovahs witness three years of regular visits to admit he was never going to convert me - after we had worked through all of his books,, basic and advanced, still an hour with me was an hour less bothering the neighbours, he was a nice chap really, had his own decorating business.

I did have a friend who was a druid - he went to stay on a mormon commune and was kicked out after 3 weeks, and the group leaders were sent back to base for re-indoctrination.

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