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A Big Favour Is Required - 15th July


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If anyone experienced could skipper WR with a crew member mid afternoon Saturday 15th July to early evening for a short river trip in the Horning area- could they pm me urgently and all will be explained.

Sorry if this sounds a bit mysterious but all will be revealed in due course.



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I think I am getting sorted - PMs sent to all that contacted me but..............I will keep everyone in reserve.

Please any one in Horning do come to the Swan on Saturday 15th July at around 3 o'clock!

Thank you to everyone that has responded.

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Why do great things like this happen when we are at 35000 ft on the way back from East Coast USA... Its just not fair.


Hope whatever "it" is turns out brillinatly Liz. Hopefully we will see you shortly after the 15th if the boat is fully OK by then.

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Well the weekend it over and the last two weeks have been pretty hectic. Now to explain!

First on 30th June my eldest daughter Katherine got married in Cardiff to Tom.  It was a very small event with close family and a few of their local friends.

Then on Saturday 15th July, we had a bigger event for all our sailing friends and family on the Southern Comfort in the afternoon/evening.  Anyone in Horning I suspect heard us come back around 9 - the entire Swan cheered us in and I believe there were a lot of cheers from the New Inn as well. 

The staff of the Southern Comfort absolutely excelled themselves - it was a truly memorable day (although some of the evening did get a bit blurred for a few of us!). 

Needless to say WR had to play a part in the big day and Katherine and Tom were brought from the house to the boat by me driving them. After coming alongside, WR then escorted SC out of the village and then dropped behind to follow her to Wroxham and back.  She then stood down after dropping off the bottle of vodka (which the youngsters forgot to bring on board) and went back to the house. However, their arrival by boat had been a well kept secret and it was only when my husband pointed out the boat coming up the river that people realised how they were arriving.

Adam and Katie had had the responsibility of taking over the driving of the boat but because of the filming commitments couldn't - hence my appeal on the forum. Here I must thank 'Spider' and his family for taking on this responsibility - which they thoroughly enjoyed.  Luckily WR behaved perfectly for them..............

The photos I have posted were taken by my niece from the Southern Comfort (they are quite low resolution) and the other one I have posted was taken by me in Cardiff of my daughter - just because I am so proud of her!







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