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Moorings Extended Over The Festivities?


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Evening All

I'm sure that this has been answered somewhere previously, apologies if so :(

Hoping to get Zephyr back in the water next weekend - as predicted there was a fair amount of planking needing to be replaced - and unexpected rot in the Chine... I was warned that woodies are a work in progress... (Picture coming soon)

Am intending to be out over Christmas 23 - 27th, we've checked with the Broads Authority and they have basically said "it's fine to moor in one spot for longer than 24hrs, people will not be out and checking as there is very little use of the moorings over the winter - so no-one complains that there is no room." has anyone been out for a few days in one spot over the Christmas period (obviously pending weather).

Thanks so much

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Don't think there's been any official word on this , at least I ain't heard anything , still winters are quiet and I can't see a problem on any mooring even those busy in summer , that said on less it became official that still leaves people open to a certain type of person reporting them for doing nothing that's harming them or anyone else .

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Sounds very sensible when there aren't many people about. Must be a lovely time of year to be afloat. I think if I was out on a boat it would be nice to feel one could go back to the same mooring the next night if you wanted to. We all have our favourites.

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On Saturdays even in winter the Horning Staithe moorings fill up. Last Saturday I had to wait a while for a dayboat to move on to get the last electric spot. Sunday night (no electric) I was the only boat at Womack and Monday night the only boat at Ranworth. 


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10 minutes ago, garryn said:

... the only boat at Ranworth. 

All I can say to that is Wow! 

We almost had Ranworth island to ourselves one night in October .... but one other small boat decided to stay. Not that we saw anyone but it wasn't quite the same as it would have been.



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