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Stalham Wet Shed


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I’m going to Stalham (the village rather than the marina) Saturday.

If you tell me how to get into the marina and wet shed I’ll check it for you with pleasure.

Probably easier if someone who already has access does it though I guess?



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42 minutes ago, CambridgeCabby said:

With the tube heaters and the onboard oil radiator and with this being our first year as boat owners I wanted to make sure the leccy would last till we could be down next , obviously the usage is lower than I feared :default_biggrin:

Once the fuses have blown from all that gear overloading the system the meter will stop running down, should stay at £36.52 until the spring now. :default_biggrin:


Only joking!!!!

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Ours reads somewhere in the region of £2.50...lol

Ours only tops up the batteries for the bilge pump, we don't do tube heaters and radiators etc. mainly cos it's a pain in the bottaahhm to get from here to there in the winter. All exciting stuff like curtains and leccy things are removed, she is just a hull at the moment. Got some neat new canvases for the wheelhouse we can't wait to try out though. Inside privacy screens in the same colour and material as the canvases.


Last Journey across Europe was last Sunday (yes in all that snow) and it took over 11 hrs to do 886km. Two idiots in RWD cars not knowing how to drive the things nearly took us out in Belgium. The perfect driving experience may well be so but in the snow it takes some skill which they obviously didn't have. As Griff would say "should have been born ooop north melad". Not to derail but watching these loons slip and slide up the slight inclines on the motorway was quite amusing until one of them looses it and  flashes across from the on ramp going way too fast outside of a Finish rally and nearly takes us out with a sideswipe.


Winter tyres and two tons of four wheel drive saved us. And I was born and learned to drive ooop north to boot. Anyone remember the winter of 1981/2 ... M62 closed hundreds of truckers stranded at the Birch services, 14 and 20 ft high snow drifts....


Our response, figure of eights in RWD cars in the snow filled  local tennis club car park....Super fun............


Merry Christmas from Snowy Switzerland (Bernese Oberland)


Martin and Fiona


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Ah I remember driving my VW variant in those winters, rear engine - rear wheel drive, went to a pub meet cross country over the wye downs, got to the top, and was flagged down by an astonished tractor driver and asked how i got up the hill- no problem I replied, he then told me they had been cut off for several days as even the landrovers with 4wd couldnt get up the hill - only tractors until I got there. getting down was fun as with all the weight at the back there was no steering on the front until you dabbed the brakes to break through the snow with the front tyres.

I think it was the good old slow revving 2.4 litre air cooled lump that did it, in third at tickover you could feel the cylinders firing at every lamppost

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Yes it was a bad one we couldn't get out of the back or front doors of the house as the snow was drifted waist deep against both of them. My student house the systern froze on the loo....This year in CH is a traditional one lots of snow and more coming, every day next week.


The sexy lady from Coventry is tucked up asleep in the garage till the spring or a sunny winter but not frosty day. Waaay too much torque for a wintery drive ..LOL

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