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Morning all

We are moving house and my lady wife has put her foot down with a firm hand and demanded I do something 

with the 16mm cine film of my Fathers two world tours by banana boat. I have also found a few colour slides

mainly of me as a pre teen on the Broads. Does anyone have one of those slide carriers that fit on a scanner

that they would be prepared to lend to me. If any one knows of any organization or person who might be interested 

in the 16 mm film please contact me.

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I had some slides to scan and didn't want to fork out for a pro scanner so I just bought a cheapy. I wasn't expecting much but for what it was it is actually quite good although I do have to play with the settings.




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Hi Barry

I believe that Carol uses a firm called Video Impact (I think) in Loddon. They can digitise 16mm and could probably do your slides too. If you don't have many it could be cheaper than buying a scanner. 

The cheaper scanners don't magnify so the results can be a bit grainy. I use a Nikon Coolscan, it's an old model but gives excellent hi res results. 

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If you’re still looking for something to do this with then feel free to send me a message. We bought something we’ve finished with now but I don’t know what it was and we’re away at present. If you’re local to Essex or Norfolk or in between I might be able to get it to you.

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Thank you all for your replies. Howard I have emailed video impact but with a bank holiday in the way I don't expect a quick reply.

To you other nice people I am looking for a carrier to go on the bed of my Epson scanner printer to copy slides, I don't have many so don't want to spend a fortune.

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Your problem seems to be solved by Maxwellian lending you a slide holder.

I had the same problem as you while scanning hundreds of photos and slides and my slide holder broke. A replacement cost was sky high so I did some experimenting and found that you can scan without it.

It is after all just a positional guide.

I use an Epson V500 /550.The one Maxwellian is lending you looks the same as mine so it should be “problem solved” 


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