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Hi Folks

I hoping to connect with some knowledgable boat owners here. Im not actually a Broads goer but I have a passion for fixing up broads cruisers. I currently live aboard an ancient DC-30 that I rescued from scrap after it has been abandoned and heavily vandalised. I’m looking for my next bigger project, ideally a Caribbean 39 or similar, the worse condition the better as far as I’m concerned! If any of you know anything suitable festering away somewhere, please let me know:) 


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15 minutes ago, ChrisB said:

Welcome Henry, where are you moored, it looks nice.

The furthest I have seen a Broads cruiser was on the Ebro, Spain but I am sure they must be further afield.

Currently Bristol harbour. Quite a few of them here but mostly in the marina and they never leave! I always wondered how far you could feasibly get in one. 

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Not sure, think this one went by truck. But Ramsgate to Calais in ultra calm, with an escort should be doable. Narrow boats have made that crossing.

Many years ago my late wife and I started to plan crossing inland to the Black Sea and returning via The Med and Canal du Midi/ Gironde. But that was scuppered, long story.

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47 minutes ago, Broads01 said:

Hi Henry, and welcome. I work in Bristol and I think it's your boat I regularly walk past. I always like spotting ex-Broads craft when I'm out. Is yours the one below? The aft cabin has been converted to a galley. Was that your choice? 



Yes for a few reasons, but mainly because I’m 6’ and the cabin is bearly that, so my feet hit the end of the original  bed. Also it doesn’t get much warmth from the stove so better to have it as a galley. 

Theyre weird boats really. Quite awkward to fit out as the lines go everywhere. Nothing is square to anything and the engine is exactly where you don’t want it bang the middle of the living space. Plus the skeg is made of wood, which is a terrible idea! Quirky I think is the word. Handling is terrible too but I think that’s true of all these old holiday boats. 

Still it has its plus points, it’s cute and small enough to fit in places. It’s saved me a fortune in rent and it cost me very little. 

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