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Good Life Jackets For Dogs


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Can't advise on a particular brand Andrew but a handle over the back like a harness is ideal for fishing them out.

Dogs love water (mostly, not mine) but the danger on the Broads is that in many places it's difficult to get out and dogs are prone to cold water shock and exhaustion just like us. The one I have, (it's on the boat so I can't check the make) has a piece that goes under the dog's chin.. if it gets exhausted it's nose and mouth is kept above the water.

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I bought a lifejacket on Amazon last year for our now dear departed Lhasa Apso, Rollie. The holiday just after was a very warm July week and understandably he preferred to stay indoors out of the sun. We brought him out on deck whilst cruising one day and put his lifejacket on but he hated it and refused to move! The moral of this story is maybe to buy from old-fashioned real life shop so your dog can be with you to try jackets on and give you his opinion on them. 


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:default_dunce:I think the most important thing is to go and get a fitting.

buying online is not ideal.we too have a Norfolk terrier.

I’ve got 3 jackets that are all too big :default_dunce:

I thing the brand is relatively unimportant,

the fit IS.

they have a small head in relation to there chest size so can easily slip out of a poor fitting harness or jacket.

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Know the weight of your mutt and make sure the jacket is appropriate

Find a slipway and test it! Better to find out in a controlled environment

Double check the handle is up to scratch. We had one come away (a very embarrassed Crewsaver member of staff immediately sorted it though - not as easy with online purchases)

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Hi all thanks to Ray's advice I've got the K9Float-Coat Life Jacket Medium Size from Amazon and it fits perfectly on my Dog Benji the Double Handle on the Life Jacket does come in very handy as to fishing the Dog out of the water if he goes in to which I don't want it to happen  

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Double handles are a great idea, sometimes a single handle can dip the dogs head under water when you first grab and pull.

I hope that just like our human life jackets there is never a serious event to prove their effectiveness but it's worth remembering the huge difference between an unforeseen dip in the summer and a man(dog) overboard on a winter night in bad weather!

I don't always follow best practice, even though I know better... I guess most of us cut corners, it's only human!

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