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Santa Baby


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There was a version of Santa Baby on the forum sung by a member.

Having just heard the original on Heartbeat, yes I know but we like the songs.

Does anyone know if it is still available om here?

Tried a search but could not find it.

Maybe it has been lost sometime during an update/meltdown.



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I had a good day yesterday, or I thought I did.  A sunny day, a ride on my bike, a constructive afternoon getting a bit more of a fence put up in our garden and then someone mentions bloody Christmas in August!

Some people just can’t leave it alone, can they?  A good day, spoiled!  :default_icon_redface:

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I had a nice morning  yesterday. Macmillian  coffee  morning, at James Paget. Always enjoyable meeting up with others and we all had a free 99.Very nice to.Then home did a little  painting .And takeaway for dinner.No talk of Christmas. Enjoy  a little bit of summer first.

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Noooooooooo! I've just been in my local Tesco Express and they have tins of sweets on display.......and I brought two to be put in the Christmas (sorry) cupboard and will be eaten before August is out :facepalm:

On 11/08/2023 at 05:32, CeePee1952 said:

Grrrrrrr! Can't get that flipping song  out of my head now! :default_biggrin::default_xmas2::default_biggrin:


I loathe every time  the We Sell Any Car advert comes on the telly and the people jump out of their car singing "I sold my car ". I can never get that out of my head and now it's back in there, thanks Chris :default_biggrin: 

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